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  • I apparently did miss it. In fact, I did not even see the word "Bush" in "it". Is the word Bush there in TorgoX's post? Or might TorgoX be concerned about the balance of payments and profligate spending by the US?

    You tell me. Or maybe TorgoX sneakily changed his posting. Maybe I need to check the Google cache.

    Help me here, maybe I missed it.

    And I even looked at the links TorgoX cited, rather than just looking at what he wrote and what he quoted. Mr. Buffett did not appear to use the word "Bush" eit
    • Is it possible that you are putting words into his post that are not there?

      Not only is it possible, it is common [].

      Might you be a little oversensitive about something?

      You can tell if he yawns or claims you are boring [] him. (Something that can be done by simply presenting facts)

      And, if you aren't careful, he'll start resorting to personal attacks [].
      • Thanks for your comments and links, phillup. But in all the excitement of you and pudge going to the races, pudge might have forgotten to comment on my original post.

        I don't post too often. I guess it makes each one seem precious. Maybe not precious, but thoughtful. Well, maybe not thoughtful, but rare.

        pudge sure is a damn good perl dude. I wonder if a damn good perl dude could put up a meta-page of when torgox mentions pudge, and when pudge mentions torgox. I tried googling:

        +torgox +pudge site:per
        • How many left-wing racists can I name?

          Help me out here... anyone?

          I can name a bunch. Start with some of the communist leaders of past and present, in the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba. Che Guevara is a good example.
          • Oh Lord, pudge. I really don't have time for this. But I am only human, so just this once on this thread I will let you draw me in to a response with a turn-around time of less than 8 hours. (how you manage to keep on top of this, I have no idea!)

            Thanks for your response to my request for a citation of a left-wing racist. You chose to cite Che Guevara of the many left-wing racists you claim to be aware of. Leaving aside the issue of whether we can agree that all leaders of communist countries are actu
            • Leaving aside the issue of whether we can agree that all leaders of communist countries are actually leftists

              If they are communists, by definition, yes, they are, unless you have some new definition of "leftist" that I've never heard of.

              "Thirty-five years after his death, Che lives on in the minds of young people struggling and fighting against the same inequalities that he dedicated his life to getting rid of - poverty, racism, and ultimately capitalism and imperialism."

              And that's bullshit. Guevara had some racist things to say about the low status and capabilities of black people, the greediness of Jews, etc. The mythologizing of Guevara is good business these days, but he was a murderer, a racist, a fearmonger. Like most communist leaders.

              Now, if you want to continue this thread and wait 8 or more hours for any further response from me, I am hopeful that you will educate me

              This isn't history class. Do your own research. You come in here and bitch at me for responding to your post with an answer in a timeframe you don't find to be acceptable, and then demand that I give you a history lesson? I don't think so.

              though I am unaware that he was ever the leader of a communist country

              "Some of the communist leaders" does not necessarily imply he was the leader of a county. He was a leader of the country. I realize it could be meant in either sense, but I obviously didn't mean it in the sense you took it, as the example of Guevara made clear.