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  • Well, you've got some choices to make. You can embrace the change or you can fight it.

    Perl 6 is Perl 5, but more so. I'm not talking about the internals. I'm not talking about the syntax. It's the feeling of the language that's important, and the feeling of the community. As long the languages understand each other and work to develop common ground, everything should be fine.

    Perl 6 isn't a magic bullet, but what it is no more and no less another generation of Perl, community and all. Like the prod

    • Please, don't attempt to convince me that "Perl 6 is Perl 5, but more so." I am not buying it from Larry or Damian, and I am not buying it from you. :-)

      The point here is that I will continue to use Perl 5, that there are substantial numbers of people that will do likewise, that if Perl 6 becomes what Larry and Damian want it to be, that there will be significant fracture of the community, and that we should think about that. If we don't, then the fractures will be very bad for everyone.

      I am not talking
      • Now you can't seriously expect me to obey you and not try and convince you about something in a public forum can you ;-) Let me change the argument and try a different stance. Perl 6 is Perl ( but more so...) in one respect, and one respect, like the other language that you love so much, is crafted and has been been delivered into being by the Perl community.

        Okay, let me reiterate this point, being a little less glib about the whole thing.

        What makes Perl Perl? Wasn't that the original question? Well, I say that it's the community. And by this I attempt to encompass the whole of Perl. The people that are developing it. The collective knowledge these people have. The spirit and chosen direction. The same community that is now making Perl 6.

        What I'm trying to get across is that indeed "Perl is Perl" but what I mean to say is "The Perl Community is The Perl Community"

        I can see and I really, really do appreciate your fears. And I can see your worries are that the community may split. Though maybe what I'm trying to say is that in the end, perl and Perl 6 and parrot and all these things are just tools. They're just blocks of code[1]. It's the community that's important and it's the community that we attempt to strengthen in order to produce. Maybe perl 5 will die. Maybe Perl 6 will fail. Who knows? I don't have my time machine to hand. What I do know is that: The community will decide. In the end, it's what serves the community the best.

        Now the community is not a committee, hive mind, or gestalt entity. What it is a collection of individuals all making individual decisions about what to do and what will be best. So any decision that is made will not be unilateral. And this isn't a bad thing. Some of the community will decide to give up on Perl 5 and turn their backs on it. Some of it will decided to give up on Perl 6 and give up on it.

        The real challenge, and I think it's what we're both trying to get at here, is to get the community to understand that these are both valid points of view. And it's vitally important to it as a community as a whole that these people exist. But, equally, it's vitally important that the people involved in these sections, while not directly working on each other's 'language' cooperate together as a community. It would be a grave mistake that they would no longer have anything interesting to contribute towards each other.

        The biggest fear is that these parts of the community will consider their differences to be bigger than their similarities and try to split. This would be bad and wrong. These people are still "Perl Programmers" no matter if they're using some silly new version or some old crufty code. In the end the ideal situation would that these various parts of the community would end up feeding off each other.

        Well, I've rewritten the above about three times now. I'm still not sure it comes across okay.

        [1] Er, this is probably easier for me to say considering I haven't written any of these blocks of code myself. Let me assure the authors that I'm not denigrating your work, rather elevating your status as individuals, and that you are much more important that what you do.