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  • Oracle DBA is a full time job, and you rarely get time to do more than the odd shell script for automation.. Maybe its an unfair generalization, but for non-programmers, the cleanness of PL/SQL code is probably a big deal..

    I doubt many people are interested in TIMTOWTDI if it can just get the job done..In the same way that my parents dont really care about the mechanics of email so long as they can mail their friends from time to time :)

    • Oh, I think Feuerstein and Pribyl are all about TIMTOWTDI. They're just missing a lot. They are programmers, btw, not DBAs.

      Currently I take issue with anything that describes PL/SQL as "clean." :) That may change once I speak like a native, though. When I pointed out Pribyl's comment that PL/SQL was more readable than Perl, my point was that he was wrong (though probably for the same reason I don't think PL/SQL is clean: he doesn't speak Perl). Of course, good programmers can write COBOL in any langu

      J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
      • FWIW, I think I speak PL/SQL better than any other language, and I think it is cleaner..

        To me, PL/SQL is like Modula-2 (a Pascal-like language that I learnt in uni).. It forces you to concentrate on certain things and the core language itself is very simple.. Perl, for me, is different.. yes, you CAN write code that is as ordered as PL/SQL, but you dont have to.. Consequently, its more powerful. (rule breaking is a good thing, at times)..

        I didnt know that they (Fuerstein and Pribyl) werent DBAs first and

        • Thanks for the insight. Ask me in a year or so, and I'll be able to offer a more educated opinion as to whether I really think PL/SQL is clean or not. I think what makes me feel it isn't clean is that it's so verbose. Just seems to have tremendously long keywords and a tremendous number of required ones.

          I am pretty certain they are primarily programmers, not DBAs. O'Reilly's DBA books are written by other authors. Feuerstein, I know, was doing Oracle for McDonald's (contract work, I presume), when O'Reilly caught him to do the first Oracle PL/SQL Programming book and revolutionize the world. I presumed that meant primarily programming, though I suppose DBA could be involved there.

          Yes ... being bound with SQL, and with Oracle SQL in particular is particularly neat. And that's one of the things they're excited about. Me, I just have to get past my fear of proprietary feature lockin. :) But I appreciate the SQL itself now, and will appreciate the Oracle extensions in the future.

          J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers