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  • Brown merely recycled a good bit of vintage conspiracy theories and a plot I know I have heard before

    Thank you. It is gratifying to me to hear that people outside of the religious context I'm familiar with are able to detect this. This book is absolutely nothing new, and I'd add it's neither factual nor interesting, to boot. I eagerly anticipate it blowing over as previous incarnations have and as it already appears to be doing.

    And this is odd, because there are few who enjoy a good thumping of Bible-thumpers more than I.

    I've recently had occassion to be denigrated online by some Catholics who look down on the Protestant belief of "sola scriptura." Given my personal experiences, I'm not so sure you can properly characterize the Catholic Church as "Bible-thumpers." They would probably join you in enjoying a thumping of said thumpers.

    Interestingly, most of the Catholics I've read and discussed with online recently seemed unable to differentiate between various strands of Protestantism and have an internal conceptual model that seems to equate all Protestants with "Bible thumping fundamentalist" and a few other characteristics they mistakenly assume are universal. They're just too far removed from the Protestant movement to accurately understand its details. In the same way, folks even further away sometimes hold a conceptual model that equates Catholics with these same fundamentalists.

    St. Augustine (who wrote my motto for living "work out your salvation in fear and trembling")

    That was written by the Apostle Paul in Philippians 2:12. A lot of early Christian writings consist of many quotes of the Old and New Testaments, much like a sermon, so it's not surprising to see Augustine repeat it.

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    • This book is absolutely nothing new,

      No argument from me there.

      and I'd add it's neither factual nor interesting, to boot.

      Well, we can debate its factual accuracy, but I doubt anything useful will be added to either side of the argument :)

      But I can't agree that the theory isn't interesting. Whether it's true or not, I find the idea that the church has consistantly lied about its own origins for so long to be completely fascinating.

      I eagerly anticipate it blowing over as previous incarnations have an

      • I don't know much about what the Catholic Church says its history is, and I don't really care. I know that there are very few lies to be found in the history of the church taught in scholarly Protestant circles (partially, I suspect, because much of that history is also Catholic history, and the Protestants don't mind making the Catholics look bad, when it is appropriate :-).