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  • And that attitude is why I will not vote for Kerry.
    • I do quarrel with logic that says, "Stupid people are associated with X, therefore X is stupid." Stupid people are associated with everything.
      --Larry Wall
      • I'm not zaotoichi and I only speak for myself, but I don't think it's stupid.

        I think it's poisonous.

        I don't really want to associate with the kind of people whose entire raison d'etre seems to be "we aren't _______". That goes for Python fanatics, BSD license zealots, PostgreSQL freaks, and, at least in this election cycle, the "anyone but Bush" folks.

        That's not to say that I despise Python, BSD, Postgres, and everyone who prefers someone other than the sitting president. It's just that all four gro

        • by darobin (1316) on 2004.08.21 8:01 (#33590) Homepage Journal

          There's a major difference though between techno-zealots and "anything but Bush". Whether you use Python or Perl, BSD or Linux, Pg or MySQL, honestly, at the end of the day, won't make much of a diff to people's lives. Worst case scenario is that a good piece of tech doesn't get enough momentum and dies out. Ok that's sad, and it may be frustrating, but life goes on.

          "Anything but Bush" is just like "anything but Kim Chong-il" or "anything but the Talibans". At some point it just stops mattering what the alternative is, it just has to change. And preferably fast.

          The difference is between what is up for discussion and what isn't. Whether to use Java or Ruby is something that should be discussed, not zealoted about. One does not however discuss whether wreaking havoc worldwide like a hord of beheaded mutant chickens is the way to go or not. One just says, "it has to stop".


          -- Robin Berjon []

          • "Anything but Bush" is just like "anything but Kim Chong-il" or "anything but the Talibans".

            Except for the representative electoral process, the fixed term lengths, the massive federal bureaucracy that usually ignores elections, and the stable transfer of power, yes, they're exactly alike.

            • There are elections in the US? I thought the idea was that one guy got nominated by a bunch of guys themselves nominated.


              -- Robin Berjon []

              • There are elections in the US?

                Yeah, and sometimes the guy that most of us vote for actually wins :-)