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  • I think the journals are about folks in the Perl _community_, as opposed to Perl itself.

    Obviously, a lot of them are geek and tech focused, but I don't think people should feel constrained to do this.

    Many of my postings are technical, but at least the last two were just me venting some of the upsetting stuff in my life right now.
  • I'm also having trouble doing this. The best reference I've found so far is Simon's 'use Python' paper in last year's TPC proceedings. He has an example of creating a new anonymous sub, calling svref_2object() on it, and manipulating its START and ROOT ops.

    I can get pretty close, but never quite avoid the segfaults. It probably doesn't help that I'm trying to pass the rewritten subref to B::Deparse, either.

    • Thanks for the tip. I had read Simon's paper last year when I got into this project (and scanned it at TPC), but had completely forgotten that he did just what I wanted in the paper. I've now got working code that creates an anon. sub which contains the code from the main_cv (minus the enter and leave ops). Little tweaks are necessary for things like constants that are optimized away and need to be reset with the sv method, but it looks to be working.

      Thanks again!
      • I'm glad to help. Is there a chance you'd be willing to share the code? I'm curious to see another example. (I don't have unfolded constants yet, and that would be handy.)

        • Sorry about the delay in responding. I'd be happy to post my code, but it was a bit of a hack, and I've just recieved an email from Simon describing how to do it the right way [] (for some definition of right).

  • ...personally, I've found the dual approach ideal. Even when I wasn't taking a class that was directly Perl-related, I posted about school (and from school).

    I kind of try to filter anything I'm thinking about Perl (well, anything that isn't pure fanboyishness, that I save for my livejournal) and anything I was thinking about school into my use.perl; journal. (With a certain granularity difference; school-stuff had to be at least about an assignment as a whole, nothing too detail-oriented as a rule. Any


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