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  • To understand and #perl (THE #perl not just A #perl) you must know something of the history of #perl.

    #perl started out on EFNet, at the time the largest, most popular, most unregulated IRC network with over 40,000 users on at any time. #perl was very popular. There were regulars. There were folks who strolled in asking questions. Some of them were interesting questions, some of them were FAQs. Some were grateful, some were dicks, some were whiners. The regulars got sick of answering the FAQs (this is how purl was born) over and over again and started kicking people out if they didn't read and follow the topic. This generated ill will. #perl got attacked. A lot. We had a few takeover attempts a week. We devised an elaborate botnet to defend the channel and befriended IRC ops to help us get the channel back when it was lost.

    Finally a bunch of the regulars decided it wasn't fair to hold #perl on the most popular network for their own social club, because that's what #perl is. So we left EFNet and started our own, MagNET. Once off EFNet we didn't have to worry about helping newbies, answering FAQs, defending against channel takeovers, maintaining the ban list... we could be a bunch of elitist, arrogant jerks talking about whatever amused us without worrying about offending someone who just happened to walk in or feeling any obligation to answer Perl questions.

    #perl remains a social club. We like to have somewhere to go where we can hang out and not have to work. Folks that want a more serious, technical #perl can go to any of the other popular networks... EFNet, DALnet and freenode to name three. And they do, a lot of the #perl regulars hang out on another network as well.

    Point is, #perl is not "the Perl community" its our little social club that's tried to isolate itself (I'm not sure adding to MagNET was such a hot idea). We answer Perl questions when we feel like it. Its not a nice place. Whether you think that's a good idea or not, too bad! We run the network on our machines. You've got aaaaaall those other public networks to find acceptance in.

    As to why you were banned... well, part of it is just sungo, and he runs the machines. I would have waited until you shoved your foot in your mouth again, but I don't entirely disagree with it. Let's call it a preemptive ban based on past behavior. Your ideas are arrogant, ignorant and you don't appear to learn from your mistakes. And worst of all you don't produce anywhere near the amount of perl patches to match the amount of dust you kick up. Signal-to-noise ratio very low. You've dug your hole and saying "Oh, the last moronic thing I said was six months ago" ain't gonna get you very far.

    Rindolf []

    "Usability" of the Perl Online World for Newcomers []

    Critique of Where Perl 6 is Heading []

    We just don't want to hear about it. And we know that, or something like it, is going to come up. You've established a pattern. So we banned you. And we can do that, because its our own little corner of the Internet. #perl's corner, not Perl's. If you want fair and rational there's #perl on EFNet, DALnet and freenode.

    And that's why you were banned.

    • Signal to noise pretty much covers it.

      Hell, _I_ make a hell of a lot of noise too, and I don't like a lot of what Perl 6 could end up with as well, and last time I checked sungo and I had each other on /ignore, but [] I [] tend [] to [] also [] produce [] a [] lot [] of [] signal [] on [] the [] topics [] I [] care [] about [], so I'm tolerated a lot more :)
      • I'm not exactly entirely void of positive contributions to the Perl community and Open Source community in general, you know. Here are some, to mention a few:

        • If sungo want to put me on his /ignore list, I wouldn't mind, but banning from MAG-Net's #perl prevents me from talking to other people, and prevents other people from being able to talk to me, which is rude and unjustified. No-one should enforce his private whims or dislikes on the general public.

          You're really not getting it. MAGnet #perl is not the general public. Nobody's preventing anyone from talking to you, there's other channels, other networks and other means. We hang out there because we want