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  • by gnat (29) on 2002.02.14 18:52 (#4545) Journal
    First things first ... congratulations to you and Chastity. And if you thought that was hard work, wait until you get the baby home! :-)

    Now ... nurses. They have a lot of power over the way your birth goes, and if they push you into something you're not comfortable with then you can really end up with a lot of regrets about the whole deal. It doesn't sound like yours was that bad, so well done! The rest of this is aimed at your next time, or anyone who's reading and might have kids.

    The natural birth class we took really prepared us for dealing with the nurses. Part of it is knowing about the stages of labor, what's expected, what they can do, and what you can do for yourself. The mothers who had C-sections and epidurals knew what they were getting into (and the fathers were prepared to make informed decisions). The mothers who went natural also knew what they were getting into, and were able to defend themselves against nurses who wanted to impose their own personal view of what childbirth should be (above and beyond the purely medical aspects).

    One of the revelations for us was that you can ask for another nurse. Almost every childbirth center is sensitive enough to the feelings of parents that if you feel it's just not working out, you can ask for someone else. Simply knowing that at any time you can fire the nurse can give you strength :-)

    The other thing that really helped us was having a doula. Most doulas you have to pay. Ours was the childbirth instructor, who did it for free. She was awesome, has been doing it for years, knew every trick for helping along labor, and knew what was reasonable and unreasonable for the nurses to expect. She stood up for us a couple of times, when we were so fried from lack of sleep and stress that we couldn't think how to refuse, we could only ask her for help.

    That said, most nurses (that I've dealt with) have been great. These days they're a lot more sensitive and less with the "come on, come on, stick in the drugs, pull out the baby" assembly line mentality. But because the outcome is so great, it's really worth your while to be prepared in case you do get a dodgy one.

    Congrats again. Our little girl gurgles hi to your little girl :-)


    • We have a midwife ... she basically acts as your coach and doctor except for those times where the doctor is required. I know of "doulas" but the name sounds fruity to me. I fear that which I don't know.

      And yeah, the natural childbirth class is generally useful if you're ignorant (like most of us are) even if you do want to go with drugs. You can still use the relaxation techniques, and you can learn what's going to happen, and if you're lucky, you get a teacher who re-arranges the time of class so you
      • This would be so much more fair if, say, I had something usefull to say in return. Unfortunatley, there is no way to dispute the fact that your team beat my team.

        I don't have some wise comment to make. Perhaps if we would have injured Brady correctly and he didn't play the Super Bowl... but we didn't.

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        Casey West