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  • Basically - Google isn't time pressured like most other software projects. If they release late they don't have customers screaming down their necks - they just miss out on some ad revenue.

    I'm sure that would be nice, but then I don't see how everyone could work like that.
    • I know. I read almost the entire thread, and that is the first objection that came to mind anyway. Still, Iߣd like some opinions on specific items, eg. from people who have had good experiences with pair programming.

      • Personally, I find pair programming to be a huge gain in productivity. Not because it helps you work faster, but because you've got somebody there, I don't slack off the whole time. Email gets left till later. Blogs can wait. I'm a big fan of pair programming.


  • So let me see if I get this right. This guy thinks that Agile development sucks, but Google's strategy of throwing buckets of money at developers and letting them transfer from project to project at a drop of the hat and spending 20% of their time on personal projects is the way to go. Riiiiiight. Tell that to a 3-person, cash-strapped startup. One of the things that XP stresses heavily is that you must customize XP to fit how your company works. Paint-by-numbers doesn't work for software development.

    • I have no idea what he's talking about with grad school, either. If left to their own devices most graduates students would take another semester (or three) to finish their thesis.

      Of course, my experience is from a guy who studied Roman and Greek history at graduate school, not CS. :)

      Should we even discuss doctoral programs? ;)

  • I wrote furry Star Trek fanfic in response at This Chocolate Cake Recipe Tastes Terrible! []

    • I must have laughed for about five minutes solid at this response. Then I read your article and was impressed you kept the furry Star Trek fanfic not only worksafe, but relevant.
      • Thanks! I think the secret to being outrageous on the Internet--without losing all of your credibility--is to have a sense of style.

  • I'll just carry on using methods and practices that I've seen be really f**king successful in Real Life.

    This sort of thing used to really annoy me. People keep saying that these things don't work when there are lots of folk who are out there using the practices and getting really great products out of the end of it. Do they really think everybody is just making shit up?

    These day I've decided to just be grateful for the competitive advantage I get from people ignoring agile :-)

    E.g. pair programming is someth
  • I couldn't see what the difference between good and bad agile was. And I couldn't see what the problem he had with relationships at google had to do with agile.

    So my take on the blog is that he wanted to let off steam about a work-related issue, and the only way he could do it without ruffling too many feathers was build up google as a great place to work because of the freedom and intelligence there before coming down on the people who were forcing him in to a programming practice where he had to work with