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  • by n1vux (1492) on 2005.11.11 20:05 (#44474) Homepage Journal

    I'm not completely reformed yet, but ...

    I like the book so well I bought the course for my colleagues.

    I like the book so well I bought a second copy to keep at the office.

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    • PBP is so good it's hard to put in words. From now on whenever someone starts dissing Perl, talking about linenoise and More Than One Way to Shoot Yourself in the Foot, I can point them to PBP and get on with writing (good!) code.

      However the book is not perfect.

      I've been stung by three of Damian's recommendations so far: replacing '' with q{} (without thinking); using '' (won't compile on Solaris); using 'Readonly' instead of 'constant' (Readonly won't compile on Solaris).

      And I refuse to use '
      • I've been stung by three of Damian's recommendations so far:

        While I won't be held responsible for the deficiencies of Solaris (;-), I am very keen to know how replacing '' with q{} stung you.

        'and', 'or' and 'not' have the lowest precedence and hence there is never any confusion

        The usual confusion is that people expect assignments and commas (especially in argument lists) to be of lower precedence than those three boolean connectives. But as long as it encouraged you to think through your decis

        • Since I have yet to purchase the book what exactly does replacing " with q{} mean? Are we talking simple assignments like:

          my $new_var = q{This is the var};

          Or something totally different?

          • I could say read the book...

            Damian recommends replacing empty strings (often typed as '' (singlequote-singlequote)) with q{} so you don't misread it as one doublequote (which is exactly what happened in my previous post).

            • Oh I will get the book. No doubt about that.

              And the reasoning for q{} seems sound as well. That will be a re-trainer though. : )

      • What do you mean by' won't compile on Solaris ... Readonly won't compile on Solaris

        Per CPAN Testers, version and Readonly compile on Solaris with 5.8.5 [] []

        Are you trying to use Solaris bundled 5.005_03? Trying to build C-based modules with a different compiler than Perl was built with?

        # I had a sig when sigs were cool
        use Sig;