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  • by Alias (5735) on 2006.04.17 10:06 (#47210) Homepage Journal
    I want another wiki. OK, yes yes, I know...

    But what I'd love to see is a wiki where a single instance of the wiki can be entirely contained in a single SQLite database file.

    And I mean everything that isn't environment specific. Non-environment configuration (auth rules etc), templates, images (if it has image support), and so on.

    I want my wiki to be one file. One file where if I have the admin password (which is contained in the one file) I can just hit "Download Wiki" on some admin page and it sends me the whole thing.

    I want to be able to take my one file, install Wiki::Tiny or whatever, and then have the wiki url have a single page "Start new Wiki" or "Upload your Wiki".

    I want a tiny little portable wiki for some specific topic that is NEVER going to see a lot of page hits, that just I can use, and has almost no maintenance overhead, so I can move it somewhere else or upload it to a larger server completely painlessly.

    That's something I want.
    • TiddlyWiki []

      • One file.
      • Downloadable.
      • Wiki-like MicroContent chunks.
      • StuddlyCaps linking/titling of content chunks.
      • Everything is in that one web page on your USB stick drive.

      All made possible throught the magic of Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

      I'm using a TiddlyWiki [] to track lots of little parts of a project, and d-cubed [] to do GTD at work. (Google Group version update release [])

    • That would hardly take 8 weeks of full-time hacking. It could be done in about three days of full-time hacking. Make that a week if you want a large array of bells and whistles, maybe.

      I mean, I built a wiki into the web app for my contract job by accident when I needed to make snippets of my templates user-editable. 20 minutes, one (name, content) table, 10 lines of straightforward code, 3 trivial queries in the DB layer and 10 sparse lines of template later I had something that took a life of its own as

      • And it had history? Or did you implement a scratchpad?

        Administrative code? User authentication? Template editing, image support?

        One of the features of wikis is you can write on in 5 minutes, or you can have people working full time for years (MediaWiki).

        And everything in between.

        And 8 weeks worth of features, in a one file wiki, would be nice.

        But I'll look at the one suggested above instead.
          • Didn’t have history at first, but does now. That was one of the new features. Took an hour or so.

          • User authentication was provided by the part of the app that was already in place, but that too is quite simple; it only takes appreciable time if you want finegrained permissions.

          • Not sure what template editing refers to.

          • I don’t have image support at the time being. Upload management would indeed be somewhat time-consuming to implement. (In my case though the work is already done in anothe

    • oddmuse []
      It's one Perl file and content saved in files. a file based wiki is as good as a sqlite supported one.