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  • It is unfortunate that my mom wrote "Randal" on my birth certificate, but there it is, plain as day. {sigh}
    • Randal L. Schwartz
    • Stonehenge
    • I guess it's quite appropriate that of all the Two-L /Randal \s? L /ix's in the world, you are the unique one with camel_Case (or studlyCaps if you prefer) in Randal L.. And in deference to Ogden Nash [], you're multiply the One-L Lama (he's a priest, Randal) of the Two-L LLama (he's a beast, on a book, by Randal L. & Co.) too! Quite appropriate for our guru.

      Although I don't believe any of those of use who've made this mistake were intentionally Huffman encoding your middle initial, eschewing punctuation and packing FN+MI into one field -- although in the bad old days a number of systems did similar things to my wife -- your middle initial being L. does make the error of using the commoner (7:1) form psychologically even more enticing.

      Good thing you didn't adopt the e.e.cummings/brian d foy eschew-upper-case style as Stonehenge house style, that would really make it easier for copyeditors and spellcheckers to "fix" your name.

      Obligatory Perl Content ...

      $ perl -le '@X=(q{Randal L. Schwartz},
            q{Schwartz, Randal L.});
            for (@X){ tr/A-Za-z/a-za-z/; tr/a-z//cds;
            print }'

      Maybe we can all use Ogden Nash []'s mnemonic to remember that the book is Two-L LLAMA, but RandaL who is our One-L Lama ... and indeed there is no 3-L LLLAMA as per the poem, excepting, as per the poem's footnote, Randal does indeed turn into a "large conflagration" if he sees a 3-L LLLama "Randall L." .

      # I had a sig when sigs were cool
      use Sig;