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  • Lots of details and good points about the whole secrecy thing (took 20 minutes), but then accidentally closed the window and lost it. Crap. So here's the questions in point form. Don't interprate it as agression. - Given the Summer of Code projects have started, why can't we see what they are beyond a title. - What on earth is "Extended Type Inference System for Perl 5" and should I care or help out? - For the benefits of people like the Java::Swing authors that have decent Perl/Java integration working already, what the ... does "Open Sourcing Perl/Java Integration" mean? - Why aren't the TPF meeting minutes available on the website? - Why aren't the annual reports available on the website? - Why isn't there a single legal document listed since the very first meeting in 2001. - Why aren't the steering committee's quarterly reports on the website? I'd feel much better about the situation where the committee elects itself to it's position if I knew what was happenning. - Why can't we see where our donation money goes? We see appeals for money, and donations going into a bottomless pit, and the occasional "$4,000 to X, $50,000 to Y" go past. But where's the annual report with the actual details of what was earned and what was spent and where, and how much you have in the bank at the end of each year. Most of this stuff is just ordinary stuff, export a PDF version of the document you make anyway and add it to the site. But it certainly means that those that care can look when they want to, and you don't look like you are hiding information within a self-electing group of upper-eschalon old-timers who only give in-person reports to the 5,000 that get to conferences, instead of the 100,000 looking from teh web. BTW, thanks again for the PPI grant, I'll be done on Tuesday (you can call Ovid off now). See you at OSCON! :)
    • errr... wrong formatting option. might want to view as source. hating not being able to edit after posting. :(
    • Too much to reply to all at once. I'll split it out over several journal posts.

      BTW, thanks again for the PPI grant, I'll be done on Tuesday (you can call Ovid off now).

      Thanks for doing your part of making grant results public by writing up a follow-up article []. This is a responsibility of all grant recipients, but far to many of them just drop off the face of the planet after the grant is "finished" (it ain't finished 'til ya' tell folks it's finished), even with Ovid's wonderful skills at hounding p