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  • Apparently Ariel Sharon who helped spark the original Intafada and continues to work against any peace in the middle east reckons that killing 11 innocent civilians and injuring hundreds more and rendering even more poor palestinians homeless is a 'great success'.

    When he says 'no comprimise with terror' he means no comprimise with palestine regardless of terrorism. If sharon really wanted peace then he would withdraw the troops and make an effort to assist the PLA with its security instead of crippling its

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  • I will disclaim that I do not know all the facts, but I would like to assert that there are always two sides of the story when it comes to situations like this. Only history will be able to tell after it's all said & done with who was more on the side of right. Palestine is not the only victim - they have their fair share of offensive measures, killing innocent civilians.

    The whole thing is a bloody mess and will continue to be so - there can be no peace when two militant groups want exactly the same

    • I think you should look into the facts.

      The UK, Spain and other european countries has suffered from terrorism, counter-terrorism with some exceptions was handled through intelligence and the security forces - Terrorists were taken to trial rather than bombed in their beds alongside anybody living in the same area. (with the notable exception of The affair of 3 IRA suspects shot in cold blood by the SAS).

      When the UK armed forces have shot anybody - regardless of their being suspected of terrorism their is

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    • Who the fuck cares who is right? People are getting killed in ludicrous numbers on both sides and nobody seems to have the will to look at any solution that doesn't involve of killing more of them than they kill of us.

      And everyone else looks on and does nothing.

      Somebody, some day has to step back from this, but as long as Israel continues to act with impunity and as long as there are significant numbers of people in Palestine who see no better future for themselves than to go out in a blaze of glory and a
      • Thats the problem.

        A handful say maybe 30 out of population of hundreds of thousands have blown themselves up.

        Another say couple of hundred militia are taking potshots at settlers on occupied terrortory - this is of course repaid in kind by armed settler militia and isreali soldiers.

        Saying that the people of palestine don't deserve liberation is unfounded. The people of palestine have no access to international media, no access to the United Nations, no representation except the PLA and Hammas - The PLA i

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        • You seem to forget that Israel did try the carrot and the path of compromise -- in 1993 with the original Oslo agreement, with bringing Yasser Arafat in to head the Palestinian Authority, with making far-reaching offers at the negotiating table at Camp David in 2000.

          Frankly, I'm glad to see Israel going after the Hamas terrorists -- and their families -- rather than after the Palestinian infrastructure. And given the Hamas belief that all who die in the battle with the infidel go to heaven, I'm not quite
  • I find that the best way to view the whole feudin' over there in Dysfunction Junction is as yet another tiresome seedy ethnic civil war -- you know, like Rwanda or one of those other Bongobongo places. Ho-hum, millions dead, etc. etc.

    I assume that soon everyone who can get out, will, leaving the usual left-behinds to fight it out to the death: the impoverished working class, "religious" wingnuts, and the (pseudo)military.