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  • I don't understand why so many people think it is a "good thing" that the EU will force microsoft to remove WMP. It is a good thing that consumers will get less for their money? that they will have to go out and get a media player instead of the easy path? I have several installed on my system because I test different software compatibilities -- and I have to be honest, I really don't like Real. I don't like their nagging "buy me" windows; I don't like how they confuse people into getting the for pay vers
    • by Sifmole (3409) on 2004.03.09 10:14 (#29247)
      mo·nop·o·ly Audio pronunciation of monopoly ( P ) Pronunciation Key (m-np-l)
      n. pl. mo·nop·o·lies

            1. Exclusive control by one group of the means of producing or selling a commodity or service: “Monopoly frequently... arises from government support or from collusive agreements among individuals” (Milton Friedman).
            2. Law. A right granted by a government giving exclusive control over a specified commercial activity to a single party.
                        1. A company or group having exclusive control over a commercial activity.
                        2. A commodity or service so controlled.
                        1. Exclusive possession or control: arrogantly claims to have a monopoly on the truth.
                        2. Something that is exclusively possessed or controlled: showed that scientific achievement is not a male monopoly.

      Last I checked there are several options for Operating Systems, Word processors, Spreadsheets, Media players, browsers, etc, etc, etc. So where is Microsoft's "exclusive" control? I have never understood this either. Is there another definition of "monopoly" that I am not familiar with? Does it mean, "really big, too successfull a company with practices that are questionable and an often sub-standard product"?
      • I don't care what the dictionary says, Microsoft has been convicted in a court of law of breaking various anti-monopoly laws. These laws are there to prevent and regulate monopolies. Okay the punishment was a joke, but they were still convicted.

        Last time I looked in a shop, I could have any PC I wanted as long as it had Microsoft Windows on. Most users, most of the time have no choice, you get Windows or Windows. I know you can buy another kind of computer, and Mac seems to be be doing well for a change,

        -- "It's not magic, it's work..."