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  • The wife enjoyed and my son|daughter want the DVD when it comes out. Then again the wife watches Y&R and the son likes whiny little Caillou and my daughter will watch anything if we give her popcorn and candy ... so YMMV...
  • I saw it yesterday. I thought it was waaay overhyped. It certainly was not on the caliber of Shrek1/2, Ice Age, or Monsters, Inc, or even Finding Nemo.
    • I totally agree. Plus there are at least two very obscur movie references. I was explaining it to a guy behind the counter at a coffee house and he was giving me the blank stare.

      • Let's see...

        The Wild America/Marty Stofer theme....
        Chariots of Fire...

        What were the others? I forgot.
        • There was the reference to "The Mission" when Alex went over the falls. There was also the reference to the Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man". The second one is very obscure.
          • That's why I always liked The Family Guy. Complete irreverence and references to other older series and series events.

            I still get a chuckle out of the Startbucks-across-the-street-from-another-Starbucks Lewis Black reference in Shrek2 (two Farbucks across the street from each other).
    • I didn't like Shrek, I thought it was way overhyped. (Ha ha we make pop culture references in a fairy tale land. Over and over and over. Ha ha.) And I never bothered to see Shrek 2. I rented Ice Age, and stopped watching after about 20 minutes, because it was so entirely boring.

      I loved Monsters, Inc. and Finding Nemo.

      I don't plan on seeing Madagascar.
  • I happened to like Madagascar a lot. It's light and funny - in short, great for an animation.
  • I really hated Shrek. Haven't seen Shrek 2 ... not going to.

    However, Ice Age was decent and like it, Madagascar is supposed to be nothing like the Shrek movies, so i'll check it out -- but not until it is released on DVD.

    I'm a Pixar man, myself. That's the good stuff! :)

    Go see Batman Begins instead ... it rocks!

    • To each his own, I guess: I loved Shrek, I disliked Ice Age, because of the rude humor. Some creature got his tongue glued/frozen to the floor? Not funny.

      I haven't seen Shrek 2. I'm planning to, though, one day...

      I haven't seen Batman Begins, and even though I've been a fan of the Batman comics since I was young, my response to this Batman movie is: "Another one? When are they going to stop?". So far, the Batman movies haven't really worked for me.

      And I'll never go to see one movie instead of another.

    • I'm a Pixar man, myself.

      Then you've surely seen "The Chubbchubbs! []", right? :-)