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  • by avik (3911) on 2004.10.06 12:28 (#34999) Journal
    In the former USSR Stalin's own nationality (Georgian people) use their own alphabet, Armenians managed to keep their own alphabet... Only people that never had their own writing before had to adopt either Cyrillic or Latin alphabet. Turkic languages used to use Arabic script for a while, which also wasn't the best for their language...

    Other strange uses:

    Farsi is an indo-european language, but uses Arabic script...

    Kurds living in Armenia write in their language using Armenian language. By the way, Turkish speaking Armenians surprisingly used Armenian letters, not in Arabic or Latin to write in Turkish...

    Abkhaz people use their own very modified version of Cyrillic alphabet ... Russians, for example, would not have a clue on how to read some of Abkhazian stuff, although it looks as Cyrillic at a first glance...

    Cherokee alphabet ... I don't even want to go there ...

    • Only people that never had their own writing before had to adopt either Cyrillic or Latin alphabet.

      Hm. What about the Mongolians then? They had a writing system (or two or three!) that the Russians replaced with Cyrillic.

      Linguistically: there's no reason for anyone to use Latin script over Cyrillic tho, or vice versa. They're both equally adaptable to any language.

      Aesthetically: I adore Mongolian Old Script []; I'm neutral on Latin script; and I think Cyrillic looks horrible in every way for every langu

    • While I'm rambling about my aesthetic notions, I will add that I think that modern Hebrew [] and Arabic [] scripts are a total failure at the task of doing something sane with Phoenician []. When I am appointed cruel Kommissar of Asia Minor, all will be compelled to convert their letterforms to Phoenician, under penalty of vaporization.

      Although one good thing did come of Arabic -- an authentic improvement, in fact: Divehi, which I wrote about here. [] Too bad global warming will probably put every last user of Divehi

    • Maltese, a Semitic language, is written with Latin alphabet.