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  • I'd be much more interested if it weren't so horribly overpriced. Paying over $100 for an editor is just nuts. Not that my productivity isn't worth that, but that there are lower cost alternatives out there that do things just as well.

    If you have a G4 for example, you'll find that jEdit runs as fast as a native editor (assuming you've turned on hardware accel), and it's free (and Free) and has support for everything you've mentioned there.

    I also heard that it's rather focussed on HTML editing, and has HTM

    • if jEdit works for you, then stick with it :)

      $79 does round up to $100

      "just as well" is an opinion that I don't think either of us can
      stand behind. I haven't tried jEdit, and it doesn't sound like
      you have tried BBEdit.

      It does have one HTML menu. Frankly, I rarely use any of the menus
      as I find the keyboard faster (especially with user-configurable
      key bindings). If you're similarly keyboard-focused then I bet that
      you wouldn't notice the HTML menu.

      My intended audience was those folk
      • I'm never satisfied with my text editor ;-)

        I just reel at that price for a text editor, when the only thing that really goes against jEdit for me is the performance (being Java).

        The other one I'm trying (now I've managed to get it to compile) is xjed - but of course you need the X server running for it. At least its fast though, and has a pretty decent extension language (slang).

        • maybe this will help...

          The folks at BareBones have repeatedly said on-list that
          their license is intended to be per-user. So, if you would
          need to put this editor on your desktop, laptop, other older
          laptop, and work machine, you would buy one license provided
          only one instance of BBEdit would be in use at any given time.

          ... but it still isn't cheaper than free.

          • I don't mind non-free - I hate the free software party line. I go for software that doesn't suck. I actually own a license for TextPad [] because I think it's the best Windows text editor when you line up price, performance, features, and usability. But the price is a lot more reasonable.

            However I hadn't seen a $70 price before - everywhere I looked said over $100. So it may be worth a second look.

            The permanent HTML menus thing still sucks though ;-)

            Oh, and I also tried Pepper [], which is reasonably priced, a
            • > I go for software that doesn't suck


              > I hadn't seen a $70 price before

                  $79 to upgrade from (the free) BBEdit Lite
                  $79 is also their academic price, which seems redundant
                  $39 for AISS owners
                  $39 to upgrade from any earlier version of BBEdit

              Oh, I forgot a biggie in the feature list: Unicode

    • BBEdit is not overpriced. Maybe for you it is, but for those of us whose productivity is greatly improved by it, it is not.

      You can turn off the HTML menu/tools. Preferences->Tools, uncheck "BBEdit HTML Tools". BBEdit was the most popular editor on the Mac before most people had heard of HTML. :-) It integrated well with CodeWarrior before it had strong HTML features.

      It has very good HTML support, which I use somewhat, but you don't need to use it or have it there at all. Sometimes when I forget ex