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  • OK, I'll be the first to say that most of the things you mentioned boil down to personal taste.

    But... I'm gonna call you on the copy / paste thing.

    Yep. I know about all the apps that don't share info on the "clipboard" in Linux.

    But, at least I don't have to remember to use a keyboard combo to actually get info into the clipboard.

    Only about 50 times a day do I find myself screaming (it's OK, I work from home... nobody can hear me ;-)) after shuffling thru the windows... hiliting some text... shuffling th
    • I've done both cut-n-paste systems for a number of years. I spent about 4 years using nothing but Unix (mostly Linux) on the desktop, and seriously thought that cut and paste was too much effort on Windows.

      But having used a Unix with a decent UI I'm won over. Gone are those irritating moments of highlighting something by accident and having my clipboard buffer blatted. It's just too confusing. I guess it comes back to the old unix style of being user friendly but choosy about who it's friends with. I guess for me unix has a new friend called Mac OS and I'd rather be in that gang.

      However I am VERY torn about this. Here I am talking about getting another piece of hardware from a manufacturer that has BADLY let me down on reliability. If OS X were available on other hardware I'd definitely consider other manufacturers.
      • Gone are those irritating moments of highlighting something by accident and having my clipboard buffer blatted.

        I can see that, if I only had one clipboard... but I have klippy set for ten levels of history.

        Instead, I get irritated when I hilite something in OSX and it isn't in the clipboard when I want to paste it.
        • Does that mean if you accidentally highlight something new you have to go into klipper and tell it you actually want a different buffer? Can you do that without using the mouse?
          • If you highlight something... it will get stuffed into the most recent buffer. Everything else will shift... and the oldest item will drop out of the history. You can adjust how large you want the history to be.

            When you go to paste you can use ctrl+alt+v to show the buffer, use the cursor keys to select and then paste... if you don't want the most recent item.

            Or, you can use the mouse.

            Still not the most optimal... but worlds better than only one clipboard, IMHO.
      • Don't get confused with the selection and clipoard buffers in X. The selection is intended to be ephemeral. The clipboard is not and stays around longer (although it is lost if the process exits, which is annoying and why your need to have xclipboard or klipper handy).