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  • I will disclaim that I do not know all the facts, but I would like to assert that there are always two sides of the story when it comes to situations like this. Only history will be able to tell after it's all said & done with who was more on the side of right. Palestine is not the only victim - they have their fair share of offensive measures, killing innocent civilians.

    The whole thing is a bloody mess and will continue to be so - there can be no peace when two militant groups want exactly the same

    • Who the fuck cares who is right? People are getting killed in ludicrous numbers on both sides and nobody seems to have the will to look at any solution that doesn't involve of killing more of them than they kill of us.

      And everyone else looks on and does nothing.

      Somebody, some day has to step back from this, but as long as Israel continues to act with impunity and as long as there are significant numbers of people in Palestine who see no better future for themselves than to go out in a blaze of glory and a
      • Thats the problem.

        A handful say maybe 30 out of population of hundreds of thousands have blown themselves up.

        Another say couple of hundred militia are taking potshots at settlers on occupied terrortory - this is of course repaid in kind by armed settler militia and isreali soldiers.

        Saying that the people of palestine don't deserve liberation is unfounded. The people of palestine have no access to international media, no access to the United Nations, no representation except the PLA and Hammas - The PLA is rendered ineffective by Isreals lack of dialogue and constant undermining (politically, economically and also by shoting and bombin the security infrastructure) it so Hammas and extremist organisations in Iraq who can offer some way of fighting back and also hard cash for the family.

        The people of palestine don't just deserve aid they need it - currently they are being punished for the sins of a negligable minority and the only carrots offered are from extremist organisations. As long as this continues then the problem will worsen.

        As for Isreal getting aid - it is richer than any of its neighbours and still receives far more aid which it spends on populating settlements and 'security' (i.e. bulldozing palestinian villages and farms to make the locals easier to shoot or bomb).

        Isreal continues to bring violence on itself by refusing to offer anything to palestine but more violence. The extremists are in a position to destroy the peace process because each time peace is within grasp, the extremists blow up some isreali civilians, then the isrealis walk array from peace and turn the violence up a notch.

        The biggest problem is that Isreal continues to persue a policy of violent retaliation, genocide and ethnic cleansing as it has done since 1967. The only reason peace was acheived in Northern Ireland is because both sides chose not to get drawn back into a violent cycle which and instead chose to work together to acheive some of their own goals - 2 years of dialogue have brought far more to the Republican movement than 30 years of 'armed struggle' the unionists and isreal share the position that they have nothing to gain from dialogue but peace and in itself they don't feel that its worth exchanging land, policies or pride for peace.

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        • You seem to forget that Israel did try the carrot and the path of compromise -- in 1993 with the original Oslo agreement, with bringing Yasser Arafat in to head the Palestinian Authority, with making far-reaching offers at the negotiating table at Camp David in 2000.

          Frankly, I'm glad to see Israel going after the Hamas terrorists -- and their families -- rather than after the Palestinian infrastructure. And given the Hamas belief that all who die in the battle with the infidel go to heaven, I'm not quite