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  • We have a better object system than you do! Just install Moose (but be aware that it might have backwards-incompatible changes in a few months)

    What changes in a few months? I am not aware of such plans. We are generally highly responsible about our backwards incompat changes. Changes happen and sometimes they are hard and ugly, this is the real world after all and they need to happen. But ...

    I suspect your just being sarcastic and playing the devils advocate here. Your right, having a decent object system that is not in core and needs to be installed via CPAN is ugly.

    - Stevan

    • Yes, I am being a bit sarcastic, but more than once we've not been in a position to update Moose on our BBC project because of Class::MOP (and this has happened with Catalyst, too). The most important Perl projects and the ones we depend on are the ones we have difficulties keeping up with. Even if you rarely change Moose, or Class::MOP, or Catalyst, or [insert favorite module here] with backwards-incompatible changes, then you have to consider the chance of said changes happening in all of them, not just

      • Yeah I know, I still have servers running Moose 0.24, so I am with you. We have been discussing trying to make these things smoother in various ways so that people can upgrade and say, get a performance improvement, but opt out of a feature/API change. Similar to the use feature in 5.10. It is still not perfect, but it might help ease those of us (me included) who have to deal with production environments all the time and for whom upgrading it usually not an option.
    • I'd be happy with a decent object system that is not in core if it didn't require half of CPAN as prerequisites. Here at work, I have yet to be able to resolve all of the dependencies. As soon as I get a minute or two to spare (wishful thinking really), I might actually be able to track down the troublesome module(s).
      • It shouldn't take too long since you only have 16 [] non-core dependencies to go through. FWIW, I am pretty sure there are more then 32 modules on CPAN now, it has grown a lot in the past few years ;)

        Sorry, couldn't resist. But in all seriousness we would be happy to help with this either on IRC or the Moose mailing list. The biggest problem I have seen when installing Moose on a bare bones system (and yes I have done it many MANY times so I am empathizing and not mocking) is that we require more up to date

        • Stevan, I just don't have the bandwidth to deal with it right now. As soon as things slow down here to only a relatively hectic pace then I'll try it again.
        • I bit the bullet today and finally got Moose installed.

          I installed the prereqs one by one starting from the bottom of the list. Once I thought I had them all installed, I tried to install Moose and it couldn't find about five of the prereqs so I bailed.

          I tried to install each of them again only to be told that four of the five were already installed. Class::MOP just did not want to install... Or so it seemed.

          I traced the problem to the order of my include paths. Once that was fixed, Class::MOP and Moose ins