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  • No one is welcome on #perl. #perl is a hive of scum and villany. It's not, I think, unwelcoming to women or men specifically. It's unwelcoming to anybody with any sense of propriety.

    I actually think that as far as sexism goes, magnet #perl is among the lesser offenders. Or it just offends in every other way more.

    Anyway, is NOT ircnet. It's magnet.
    • Or it just offends in every other way more.

      Yes, this is what I feel about #perl. The odd times I pop in someone somehow says something I find offensive or irritating rather quickly. So I leave. And I'm under the impression that I have a fairly think skin.

      I much prefer (and #p5p) which as far as I can tell are most welcoming to anyone*, regardless of gender (or location** or programming language preference). It's amusing that about half the female regulars on don't actually realise w

      • The way to change #perl is for ops and/or opers to agree to enforce stricter codes of conduct. There are other channels on magnet that are like this, like I don't have strong feelings one way or the other about whether #perl should be gelded, but I do think that it will only happen if the "pillars" of #perl agree to it.

        The only reason I think it might be worth doing is that is pretty darn easy for a newb to guess. It would be nice to have #perl's current culture still availa
        • But where then would we readers get our Perl questions answered?

          I've managed six something years of life without having #perl in my IRC client more than once annually. I can't say I feel a loss ...
  • Yeah, #perl on magnet is a fairly stupid place. Having said that it's much tamer than the back office of an acute psychiatric ward for instance (where sexism is less of a problem but where twisted views of reality are well .... twisted). I just had a little conversation with purl that sums things up quite well:

    05:58 <+kd> purl, this channel?
    05:58 <+purl> well, this channel is not for help, it is for laying down and avoiding

  • Yup, it's pretty much a pit. Among the more bearable channels are #perl++ and, both of which I lurk on pretty much permanently.

    I have to say, #perl on Magnet is one of the vilest online communities I've ever seen in the open source field. Second only to Slashdot comments, I think. The only reason I can handle it is because I've been around since before it was quite so bad (late 90s, before Magnet even started), have become acclimatised to it like a frog to slowly-boiled water, and still enjoy
    Kirrily "Skud" Robert
  • Perhaps I'm totally ignorant as to what makes women feel welcome in online communities but from reading your post it sounds as though everyone who dislikes lewd sexual jokes from the resident bots and meatbags is unlikely to like #perl regardless of their gender.

    Even if we were to operate on the assumption that sexual jokes aimed towards a given gender would make members of that gender feel uncomfortable the #perl flavor of sillyness is mostly derived from Jerkcity and thus at large devoid of any women w

    • First thing - #perl has a tradition of setting embarassing out-of-context quotes as channel topics. As quoted above it's been mangled: use.perl has stripped out the angle-bracket-wrapped nicks in the quote, and given it a nasty spin.

      #perl is far and away from the kind of anti-female sexist atmosphere you get in some places, like this []. There's not a single person in the channel that would subscribe to that viewpoint.

      jarich was unfortunate enough to have appeared in channel when nobody seems to have been

  • I direct your attention to the 2 year old use.perl journal entry at []

    The cultural issues you speak of and the nature of the network you connected to are well discussed there.

    Is it unfortunate that points toward such a place? Yup, I agree. The folks to harass about that are in #opers on the same network. Msg one of the members to get voice rights to voice your complaint.