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  • by WebDragon (1204) on 2003.08.19 9:49 (#23284) Homepage Journal
    *chuckle* I've been telling people about the price thing for ages, but they simply don't believe it.. and then turn around and claim that they can get [blah] for much much less (totally ignoring the fact that it also COMES WITH much much less, hardware-wise) and doesn't compare parts-for-parts, per-se.

    What with OpenOffice being available for the Mac now, (and having tested it with a few files people have sent me and that I have sent to others) on RedHat 9, I'm fairly certain that the whole Office thing is pretty much a non-issue at this point except for the most esoteric of files.

    I've been a Macintosh person for over 15 years, when I 'upgraded' from my TRS-80 Model III to a used Mac 512K after having seen Hypercard with tear-off menus on a Mac Plus, back in 1987 and being totally blown away by how cool it all was.

    That, and interestingly enough, Radio Shack had just, at the time, come out with their IBM-clone-based Model IV running MS-DOS instead of TRS-DOS... and ... I hated it! Even as early as back then, I thought MS-DOS thoroughly SUCKED compared to TRS-DOS/L-DOS/NEWDOS (which were available for the Model III at that time.) Now remember this was a DOS-based world, even if there were more offerings at the time for a "DOS" and at the time "DOS" didn't refer colloquially to MS-DOS. :-) So I stuck with my Model III... until I saw my first Mac in action. :D

    AFAIC the Mac has never lost its coolness factor for me. There's STILL to this day usability features that totally drive me NUTS with their absence on other platforms.. Not the least of which is the way you can (on the Mac) mouse to submenus with a logarithmic curve without having the submenu disappear or switch to a lower|higher item instead of the one you wanted. Every other platform forces you to use a time-consuming, extremely finicky right|left->down (L shaped) movement that usually requires several re-tries each time you want a submenu.

    That and I TOTALLY agree with the concept of "ram your mouse to the top of the screen and click to get a menu" time-saving feature that means you don't have to precision-click in each windows menu items. Since Macs have had Command-Tab (aka alt-tab) for ages to switch program windows around, as well, I can't see a better way to do it for sheer productivity.

    and GOD, there's SO much software available for Macs nowadays it's only the VERY rare application that would be required as windows-only, unless you're talking about some crap cobbled together in Visual Basic.

    heh. You and I could probably have a great deal of fun ranting together over the state of this, over a few beers. If I ever get the chance to make it to one of the Perl conferences that you're attending, we'll likely do that very thing. :D