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  • I've been having a tough time completely understanding what's been going on in French politics, and now this. People say all kinds of things about American politics, but at least over here overtly racist policies usually don't succeed at high levels of government.

    So, when people say Le Pen or the BNP are racist, which of these do they mean?

    • Opposed to preferential treatment programs or quotas for minorities, such as America's affirmative action, in private business.
    • Same as above, only about government
    J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
    • I'll try to answer your questions about the BNP. Opposed to preferential treatment programs or quotas for minorities, such as America's affirmative action, in private business. Yes the BNP opposes them but so do the mainstream parties maybe excluding the Lib Dem's. Affirmative action discriminates agaisnt whites. Same as above, only about government jobs. Exactly the same as above. Opposed to civil rights laws protecting minorities from discrimination. Yes they are opposed. Pat Buchanan: immigrants, go
      • Am I right in thinking that you're not a member of the Perl community but just some guy working for the BNP and posting everywhere Google gives you a forum to give the impression that the BNP's ideas are pervasive when, thankfully, they're only shared by a moronic minority. If that is the case, go away and take your propaganda with you.


        -- Robin Berjon []

        • "Non whites would be able to stay if they wanted in the UK. The only restriction would probly be that they woudn't be allowed to take part in a relationship with a white person."

          "That is just so sick."

              - ask

          That is your view which is strongly disagree with but you still have the right to say whatever you like as do i. I personally find interacial marriages sick and so do a lot of people i know, but that's just my opinion.

          What exactly is the perl community? I signed up to your website when i was looking for opinions on the BNP.Are you lot a bunch of liberal anti racists? I have conservative views on social issues such as abortion or homosexualty. I always have done. I don't work for the BNP and don't brodcast for them on every forum i go on. I never even said i supported the BNP, i just tried to answer those questions. What is wrong with that? The guy wanted some information.

          I used to support the Conservatives but i've become very disullonised with them and have since became intrested in the BNP and white nationlism. I may vote for them when i'm 18, i haven't decided yet. I also woudn't call people who vote BNP or are members of the BNP moronic as many intelligent professionls now support the BNP and the leader of the BNP went to Cambridge and is very articulate and intelligent. You liberals underestimate the BNP and other pro white parties.