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  • yeah verily so (Score:4, Interesting)

    by hfb (74) on 2003.06.07 2:44 (#20900) Homepage Journal

    there was a point in the movie that made me yearn to yell at the screen, 'OK I GET IT YOU WANT TO SHAG', after too many shots of the puppy dog fuck me looks they kept giving each other. I mean, what was the point of the neaderthal cave party complete with *gasp* exposed nipples? And, if you accept that Neo isn't really the messiah but rather a kickass kung-fu polymath Jesuit who has morphed the Summa from the lofty ideals of free-will [choice] to the more realistic self-interest [choice] you'll fare much better. I keep waiting for a character named Aquinas to materialise. :)

    Sequels almost always suck mightily...sadly, they tend to make gobs of money anyway. Keanu Reeves is nice to look at in spite of that along with Lawrence Fishburnes voice like buttah.

  • Time (Score:3, Funny)

    by vsergu (505) on 2003.06.07 9:25 (#20905) Journal
    If they were so concerned about cutting for time, they could have trimmed the rave scene, the multiple-Smith fight (why didn't Neo fly away immediately?), and the bloodless fight with pointy weapons in the foyer (yes, yes, I know they weren't people, but they were simulations of people). Those seemed to go on for half an hour each.
  • Bait and Switch (Score:5, Interesting)

    by ziggy (25) on 2003.06.07 12:01 (#20912) Journal
    You missed the whole point of Matrix Reloaded.

    The hype, the fight scenes, the CGI, the other fight scenes, the car chases, the dancing nudity, and the fight scenes were all carefully crafted to get the people into the theaters to see Neo so the other movies are less crowded. You should have seen A Mighty Wind [] instead.

    If you need a fix from the Wachowski Universe, The Animatrix [] is quite satisfying. Some of the stories don't make sense, and some of the stories are really well done, from both the plot perspective and the production perspective. The collection serves as a nice omnibus of Anime techniques and styles, which was one of the goals behind the project.

  • Too harsh (Score:3, Insightful)

    by djberg96 (2603) on 2003.06.07 23:57 (#20918) Journal
    I agree that the pacing needed work. Too much reliance on fight scenes, which is what I was afraid of. I don't worry about picking plot details apart - if you really wanted to, you could do that to the first movie, too.

    On a completely different tangent, one theory one of my co-workers had is that the French guy (forgot his name) is actually a former "the one", now digitized. It would make some of what his jealous girlfriend says later on a bit more meaningful.

    • Re:Too harsh (Score:3, Informative)

      The French guy's name is the Merovingian. It's the name of the oldest French dynasty. He's IMO far the best character in the film. The whole theater was laughing. (Lambert Wilson is a very well-known French actor.) And the erotic scene with the chocolate cake was pretty amusing.

      Too much reliance on fight scenes -- the multi-Smith fight costed a load of dollars, they were afraid to cut it down. And it's great, I suppose, for teenagers. But trimmed to 45 seconds, it would have been enough.

      The kid that foll

    • The first movie had the right pacing and enough interesting eye candy that I never had time to worry about things like the plot or character development. And that's a fine way to make a movie.

      I have a concept about movies that know what they are. The Matrix knew what it was, a special effects festival. And it was good. Not a work of art, but a good movie. It wasn't cluttered up with unnecessarily large amounts of comic relief, drawn out romances, stirring speeches or exposition. A movie which does o