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  • It's happily coexisting with cygwin on a Windows VM here - unless there's some subtle problem I've missed.

    What kind of problems would you expect?

  • May I say, that is a very good web site!

    The image, the copy, the little (R).

    Nice, clean, serious, a touch corporate. Excellent for the target audience.

    The only nagging feeling I'm left with is due to the the lack of "Installation instructions" anywhere. You know it's dead simple to install, but people who haven't yet downloaded don't.

    How about a link to another page which only has this content?

    Next -> Next -> Finished
    Yes, it's that easy.

  • Cut me some slack, Adam. I had no way of verifying the article, so I ran a pointer to it.

    I saw an article that I thought would be helpful to get the word out on Strawberry Perl, and I posted to it. I would think that the attitude come from you would have been "Thanks for the link, but there's a problem" rather than calling my article a "disservice."



    • I do indeed appreciate the attempt to get the word out, but it pains me that it was via that link.

      "Now, I thought that part of Strawberry Perl was that you wouldn't need any external tools, but maybe they're just for building CPAN modules."

      Your comments seem to show that you were uncertain about the article anyways
      His post is so clearly wrong that it would have been the work of a few moments to verify the article with any of the residents of #win32, or any of the Strawberry people in #perl or #p5p or #toolc
    • Cut you some slack from running a article you couldn't verify? Is PerlBuzz the new Fox News? How hard is it to do a bit of fact checking? You had "no way" of verifying it? Maybe you don't like Windows, but I'm sure you could use a Windows box somewhere. Or ask someone, or several other ways. Heck, I'm not a Windows guy, but I installed it as a VMWare guest OS so I could verify things in Windows.

      If you want to be in the news business, you're held to a higher standard than the random blog post by an individua
      • I think that we all understand that you think I suck, brian.


        • Personally, I don’t think you suck. I think your heart is in the right place. However, you blunder quite a bit. I have to agree with brian that “cut me some slack” is not enough. Ben Tilly’s thoughts on forgiveness [] are worth keeping in mind in this context. In short, neither blame nor forgiveness are very useful; they’re ultimately unproductive. What matters is to ask “can this be fixed? how?” and “what can I learn from this for the future?”.

          • I have to agree with brian that “cut me some slack” is not enough.

            Not enough for what?

            Don't answer, it's rhetorical.



  • I consider this a pretty ugly post to upgrade to the front page of use.perl.

    I'm not entirely sure that was appropriate...
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