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  • I just installed version 1.39 via the CPAN shell without any errors. Oh, and my date is definitely correct. ;-)
    [root@montreal perl]# date
    Wed Jan 1 22:37:57 EST 2003
    "Perl users are the Greatful Dead fans of computer science." --slashdot comment
  • My favorite part:
    Ok it is clear that this guy is unwilling to fix any problems with his module I would ask that this module be removed from CPAN or that this module be taken over by some one else.
    Jarkko, a/k/a "this guy", like you're some putz who just puts some random modules out on the net.


    • If he wants the module removed from CPAN, he can write to, where Jarkko can then put on his CPAN hat.

      Or, if he wants it removed from the 5.8.x standard library, he can write to perl5porters, where Jarkko can put on his Pumpking hat.

      • Except that Jarkko is merely a pumpking emeritus.


        • Not for 5.8.x he's not...he's the maint pumpking for the 5.8.x track :) Besides, according to this guy 5.8 is "buggy as hell" so I doubt he'll be going that route :)
  • Jamie is a well-known net.k00k. I've dealt with him on far too many occasions in the past at our abuse desk. I'd be relatively confident in saying the actual problem is probably his real-time-clock (well, the problem other than himself...) - even manually syncing your time won't help with a broken real-time-clock. Not that he'd believe you if you told him that, just like he didn't believe that is an unroutable IP address.
  • Your module is so broken. Why don't you FIX it? Huh? You calling me a liar? Want a net.fight? I'll give you a big ol' net.ass-kickin'! Hey, CPAN, remove everything this guy worked on! He's a big doofus!

    Seriously, Jarkko, your patience is impressive. I would've told him to go fuck himself after the second email, at the very latest ;)
    • Oops, I just noticed that my very first reply to him was missing from the message chain. (Not that it matters that much since he quotes most of it in his reply.) But I now added it to the mbox file.
    • > Seriously, Jarkko, your patience is impressive.
      > I would've told him to go fuck himself after the
      > second email, at the very latest ;)

      I get the cpan@ mail too and I was *so* close to doing just that. :-) He so didn't deserve Jarkkos patience.

          - ask

      -- ask bjoern hansen [], !try; do();

      • There's something about Perl where those that are wise sages don't wear any pretenses. I love that about the Perl culture (and I'm saying that as one who frequently appeals to the wise sages for advice). I caught the tail-end of the made-for-TV movie about Enron last night and they quoted Abraham Lincoln, which fits here nicely, I believe:
        "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."