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  • I no longer buy into the 'we will release when it's ready' perspective. At some point, it's just wanking--by the time you decide it's ready, Python, Ruby, and probably some feverish dream will have made Perl a language of the past. The preponderance of Linux has made bash, awk, and sed more attractive--and very stable. Combining those languages into an as yet undefined Perl6 is *not* a winning combination. Particularly as the CPAN which Perl mongers seem so proud of is a largely uncontrolled mess--there is
    • Any piece of crap seems able to make it into the CPAN.

      That’s why CPAN has succeeded and all other repositories to date either failed outright or stuck around but flounder.

      When you meander, and want trivial bucks vice doing it for love, you are dead, dead, dead. Show me the code. Something stable, that I can program against.

      Do you know how little manpower actually is behind the whole thing? Everyone wants it now, but people actually doing something about getting it now are a damn sight rarer.

      • I use the CPAN. Some of it is *great*. Some of it is more or less vital, for some of the things I do. As in not always having OS-native tools for things like current cryptographic hashes. Linux md5sum and sha1sum do not always satisfy the need. But in too many cases, you have to do to much legwork researching overall quality, and it's easier to just write what you need, and get an internal code review organized.

        "Do you know how little manpower actually is behind the whole thing?"

        That explains the *problem*,
        • I don’t see your comment quite as negatively as jdavidb or chromatic, but…

          See, there are a lot of people, who, like you, are seeing the same danger and ringing the alarms. The problem is, just because a lot of people are ringing the alarms everywhere, that doesn’t actually get anything done. It’s all well and fine to yell that the house is on fire, but if noone actually starts passing buckets to put the fire out, the house will burn down in spite of the screams.

          You aren’t w

          • "You may have good reasons for not contributing."

            I feel that I have two good reasons:
            1) I don't believe that I have the talent. I'm aware of the difference in talent required to use a language vice implement a language.
            2) Lack of time. There's enough going on at the moment that spare time is really short.

            Reason 2 is fairly lame. There is probably testing or doc work that I could be contributing *something* toward. I'm open to suggestions. Is there a URL you can send me to that describes, for instance, where
            • To be honest: I can’t help. I haven’t pitched in appreciably either, just watched.

              However, it’s a question that I’ve seen raised many times, and that I’d try to find an answer to as well, if I was to start now.

              I just went to look at the state of []; it seems that it has started falling out of date in all areas (a few are long out of date) and in any case it isn’t helpful at taking up newcomers and helping them into the fold.

              There are some IRC