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  • I really think that the government is going to be taken aback by the breadth of support that the anti-war movement has. Blair is wrong to support Bush. Only a very small number of people can't see this.

    The US has a different view of the UK position on the upcoming second gulf war. For the past few months now, the US press has portrayed the UK as generally supportive of the US POV. Most of this news coverage has taken the form of Tony Blair speaking on behalf of Parliment, and Parliment speaking on be

    • On what grounds are the British people not supporting war in the gulf?

      I can assure you that the anti-war lobby is not representative of 'the British people' as a whole. I for one am fully behind whatever action Mr Bush and Mr Blair decide is necessary (and as a lifelong Tory voter, I never thought I'd hear myself say that I support a Labour PM :-)

      I'm sure that the protest that Dave mentions will attract a large attendance, but so what? This will not in itself prove that there it not an equal or greater

        • There have always been political posts here on use.perl. Personally I've kept them to a minimum since starting my other blog [] but I don't think you'll ever stop them completely. We've even discussed religion here at times. The vast majority of these discussions have been extremely civilised. I don't think I've ever been disrespectful of anyone's politics (tho' I will confess to occasionally being less than completely respectful about some people's religion)
        • Of course The Guardian is biased. However I don't believe that it's any more biased than any other national British newspaper (just in a different direction to most of them). I posted that link because the Guardian web site is the one I am most familiar with, but I'm sure that other papers have carried similar stories
        • I don't claim to speak for the British public as a whole. All I can say is that I have heard much more talk about this demonstration than I have ever heard about any previous anti-war demonstration. And it's coming from a far wider range of people too.
        • If we get 500,000 people along to the demo, then I realise that this will only represent about 1% of the adult population of the country. But that will still be a significant number. That would be much bigger than any demo London has seen for a long time.
        • FWIW, I am the owner of use.perl, and I've made probably as many political posts as anyone. So whatever. :-)

          I agree that the posts should stop -- or certain guilty parties should stop -- when the discussions lack civility. I, too, have occasionally been guilty of this.

          And I didn't know there was an antiwar protest this weekend. Maybe it is more a UK thing? I dunno. Regardless, when you wrote "demo," I thought it was gonna be some Flash animation or something ... :)