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  • Name that module!

    My vote for bad module of the day is Ananke::Template [] which is just a bad imitation of TT.

    • But that's not the only bad imitation of TT. Look at HTML::KTemplate [] as well. Like most of the worst of TT mixed with HTML::Template. Ick.
      • Randal L. Schwartz
      • Stonehenge
      • Ick. The only thing worse than inventing the wheel is doing it badly.

        I may have to start scouring the depths of CPAN for a "bad module of the week". This may help the Schwartz factor a bit :)

        • It would probably be nice to give the authors a chance
          to clean up their module before announcing their shame.

          Otherwise you'll just become loathed =)
            ---ict / Spoon
        • Along these lines, I nominate Text::Macros. It has documentation more or less sufficient for what it does, but what it does is crummy. I think the author released it (four versions!) without ever bothering to finish it.
    • No can do. The module itself appears to be useful and some checking around reveals that others are using it (though not very widely). If it was a bad module, I don't mind calling a spade a spade. I just want to be sure that I'm being decent and not trashing a good module just because someone didn't do a good job of communicating. Let's face it, programmers who write great code are often known for being less than diligent about their docs :)

      Amusingly, I found a tutorial for using this module that was e

      • I don't feel too bad about rewriting it (it only took me about 3 hours)

        Yeah, the great thing about Perl is how easy it is to write stuff. I think that is an important reason for the success of CPAN -- it is easy to add stuff, because it's easy to write in the first place! Syntax *is* important (take that, lisp fans)!
      • Is this, by any chance, NetAddr::IP?

        Not being a native english speaker, and having a tutorial online at The Perl Monastery [], it would not surprise me.

        If it is indeed one of my modules, I would want to know.




        -lem []

    • Hi, Yeah, is one imitation of TT, but, Ananke::Template use only 200k of memory and TT use 2M, imagine 100 modperl using with persistent connection... Anake::Template is very very very speedy and small. Now i have other module, NTS::Template (Ananke::Template rewrite), is more stable, speedy and use less memory... but documentation is bad my english is bad ;) bye
  • A lot of people's model of writing a module is to work on a module until they're absolutely sick of it, and then they're just about to release it, and they think "ugh, I guess I'd better write some docs". Not a great frame of mind to be in for writing docs.
    • I am not the very model of a modern extreme programmer, but I try to document the API was I go, and that is most of the battle right there. I should probably write tests too, but, well, I, um, have to go eat dinner ...
  • I'm notorious for having bad docs for my modules, so I wouldn't be entirely surprised if it was one of my modules you were talking about (and I wouldn't be offended either :-)

    But you should contact the author. He might have just dropped the ball a bit, and would be more willing to get started again if he got feedback that someone wanted to use his code.