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  • Module::Build (Score:4, Interesting)

    Trelane asked me about Module::Build, which uses Build.PL instead of Makefile.PL. Well, there are no distributions on CPAN which use Build.PL instead of Makefile.PL. However, there are 16 distributions which use both: Acme-Hello-0.02, Apache-Filter-1.022, B-Generate-1.06, Class-Container-0.10, Crypt-SKey-0.06, HTML-SimpleParse-0.11, Module-Build-0.16, Test-Signature-1.03, Text-WikiFormat-0.6, Thesaurus-0.21, WWW-SherlockSearch-0.14, WWW-Shorten-1.5.6, WWW-Yahoo-Groups-1.7.7, XML-RSS-Aggregate-0.02, optimize
    • Of course, to show that another way:

        - B-Generate-1.06
        - optimize-0.03
        - types-0.05
        - Acme-Hello-0.02
        - WWW-SherlockSearch-0.14
        - XML-RSS-Aggregate-0.02
        - Text-WikiFormat-0.6
        - Thesaurus-0.21
        - Apache-Filter-1.022
        - Class-Container-0.10
        - Crypt-SKey-0.06
        - HTML-SimpleParse-0.11
        - Module-Build-0.16
        - Test-Signature-1.03
        - WWW-Shorten-1.5.6
        - WWW-Yahoo-Groups-1.

        ---ict / Spoon
      • Re:Module::Build (Score:3, Informative)

        by acme (189) on 2003.03.09 8:51 (#17826) Homepage Journal
        Your wish is my command. There are 66 distributions on CPAN with SIGNATURE files: Acme-Hello-0.02, Apache-Filter-HanConvert-0.02, Attribute-Handlers-0.78, CPANPLUS-0.042, Convert-CharMap-0.01, Convert-EastAsianWidth-0.01, Convert-GeekCode-0.5, Crypt-CAST5-0.02, Crypt-CAST5_PP-1.02, Crypt-OpenPGP-1.03, Devel-Hints-0.03, Disassemble-X86-0.13, Encode-HanConvert-0.24, Encode-HanDetect-0.01, Encode-compat-0.05, ExtUtils-AutoInstall-0.45, Game-3D-0.03, Game-3D-World-0.01, Games-AIBots-0.03, Geography-Country-Utils-1.06, Getopt-Auto-1.00, Lingua-EN-Keywords-1.3, Lingua-Sinica-PerlYuYan-0.03, Lingua-ZH-HanDetect-0.01, Lingua-ZH-Keywords-0.04, Lingua-ZH-Numbers-0.03, Lingua-ZH-Summarize-0.01, Lingua-ZH-TaBE-0.03, Lingua-ZH-Toke-0.01, Lingua-ZH-Wrap-0.02, Locale-Hebrew-1.02, Locale-Hebrew-Calendar-0.03, Locale-Maketext-Fuzzy-0.02, Locale-Maketext-Lexicon-0.16, Mail-Miner-2.3, Math-BigInt-1.64, Math-BigInt-GMP-1.11, Math-Fractal-Mandelbrot-0.02, Math-String-1.19, Module-CryptSource-0.02, Module-ScanDeps-0.17, Module-Signature-0.21, OurNet-BBSAgent-1.60, OurNet-FuzzyIndex-1.60, PAR-0.64, POE-Component-Server-HTTP-0.03, PerlIO-via-chop-0.01, Pod-HtmlHelp-1.1, SDL-App-FPS-0.15, Safe-2.09, Slash-OurNet-1.3, Software-Packager-0.09, Software-Packager-Aix-0.10, Term-ANSIScreen-1.40, Test-Signature-1.03, Text-WikiFormat-0.6, Time-Duration-sv-1.01, URI-Find-Schemeless-Stricter-1.00, Unicode-EastAsianWidth-1.01, WWW-Hotmail-0.01, WWW-SherlockSearch-0.14, WWW-Shorten-1.5.6, WWW-Yahoo-Groups-1.7.7, X-Osd-0.5, XML-RSS-Aggregate-0.02, YiJing-0.02.
        • Thanks for that!

          ABERGMAN: 4
          AUTRIJUS: 38
          BOBMATH: 3
          BTROTT: 1
          CHROMATIC: 1
          GOZER: 1
          KANE: 1
          RBDAVISON: 2
          SIMON: 5
          SPOON: 3
          TELS: 7

          Not many surprises there. One expects Autrijus and Kane. I expect me. We have a couple who also Module::Built. Not a bad representation.

            ---ict / Spoon