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  • like electricity and water is what I think would work.

    There is no free ride but the costs are about as low as they could be because a profit isn't needed only enough to operate, maintain and pay off any bond.
    • A "bond" is still taxpayer money. Everything I said about the soccer mom still applies. You'd end up with a system that would need to be restricted, or shut off, because of the impasse of that issue.
      • Randal L. Schwartz
      • Stonehenge
      • by KM (4) on 2006.06.26 12:29 (#48417) Journal
        I pay taxes to have roads taken care of. I don't drive on roads my taxes pay to repair, while those I do don't get repaved. People in my town with no kids still pay taxes which go to the schools. Taxes pay for parks I don't use. I'm on city water and sewer.. I pay for the upkeep of those systems when my neighbor may flush his toilet more than me. The soccer mom is also paying for these things, and for a war she may or may not agree with, public programs she may not agree with, etc...

        Bottom line, you can't bookmark what *your* tax dollars go to. If she doesn't like that she's helping to pay for some guys hours of porn watching, or downloading music.. tough. I don't want to pay for her downloading meatloaf recipes or new tips on scrapbooking. But, I do in order to get the access, drive on roads, have educated children, defence of my country, keep green space maintained and drink water that isn't brown.

        When soccer mom complains about what her kid can access, she should be shown how to use access controls and a book on parenting. (the same kid can also watch all the TV shows on non-cable channels which have content soccer mom doesn't approve of, or all those on cable assuming soccer mom has cable to watch Sex in the City reruns on HBO and doesn't know how to use her V-Chip).

        This isn't a statement for or against muni-wifi, just that I don't think the "taxpayer dollar" issue would be an issue any more than it is with everything else we pay taxes for. She won't be able to control it any more than when the city paves the road.

        Disclaimer: I am a Karate Dad with a very net-savy 7 year old. Instead of complaining about what she can access, I control it, montitor her activity (with my eyes and ears, not just software) and talk to her instead of expecting someone else to parent for me. I expect no less from other parents who don't give their kids scissors and tell them to run with them.