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  • Part of this solution is to seek existing comparisons. One that I know because it refers people to my module DBIx::Simple, is Aristotle's review titled "A brief survey of the DBI usability layer modules on the CPAN", on []

    That class of article is my favourite when picking new modules, but it's very hard to find. Is collecting these writeups what you're after?
  • You are completely correct that CPAN (or some other interface to it) needs to solve the problem of getting the right tools to the right users. I think if you aren't completely in the Perl community, filtering through the sheer volume of CPAN modules to find the "best" or "best for my purpose" is really hard and very time consuming. (even if you are active its hard to figure out sometimes).

    I think Shlomi Fish's idea of articles is great. It would be great to have many different authors. Maybe a good place

  • I would rather not create a google account just to chime in, but I agree with a recent poster that download stats would be very useful. As a backwater module author, I don't get enough bug reports and thank-yous to have a sense of how many people are using what I write.

    You will respond with "blah blah mirrors blah blah," but (1) there just aren't that many CPAN mirrors, and (2) even a rough estimate would be useful, so it doesn't matter if some don't participate.

    • You're incorrect about my response.

      Download stats are off my radar for two reasons. One, I'm not interested in this project improving CPAN for the authors. The authors already get all the attention. Two, the changes I'm looking at making are entirely separate from the existing CPAN infrastructure. Download stats would require changing how CPAN materials are distributed, and that's not a job for this project.

      Everything on this project is based on the premise of providing a new face on existing infr



      • Sorry, I shouldn't have tried to put words in your mouth.

        First, download stats would be useful for both authors and users (e.g. "which of these Test::* modules do most people use?"). Second, a script to anonymize download logs and send them to someone could be completely separate from the mirror/download infrastructure (it's kind of an implementation detail ;). It doesn't look like you're interested in going this way with your project, though, and limited scope can be a good thing, so I won't press the