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  • While I can understand being appalled by abortion, I think your assertion that GWBush wants to save babies is overly broad. The administration has made it clear that they care about babies only until they are born, and only US babies at that.

    Refugee camps (think Palestine, or Afghanistan) are generally pretty unfortunate places for babies. I don't see Mr. Bush struggling to save them.

    Many babies (after they are born) grow up malnourished in impoverished households, even in the US. Again, I don't see Mr
    • A moderator has labelled my post a troll.

      This does not meet with my understanding of the word. My post does not contain incorrect assertions, as far as I know. On the contrary, I was trying to point out a serious disconnect from reality which I believe exists in the statement that voting Republican is a great way to improve the lives of babies. If there is a factual error in my post, please respond and point it out to me, so I will be less ignorant.

      I haven't seen any trolling (as I understand the word)
      • Ye powerful moderator, reply! I beseech you! Enlighten me, bring me out of this infernal darkness!
        • I think labelling a post in this particular a topic a troll is kind of funny. The topic itself could be construed as a troll, but none of the responses has been trollish, in the sense that they were designed simply to fan flames. All of them (on all viewpoints) seemed thoughtful and sincere, FWIW.
          • truth is often considered a troll when so much disinformation and religion muddy the waters. Ms Poppins is correct and all you have to do is look around and notice that for a place with so little regard or respect for life of any kind, human or otherwise, it seems to be just another political vehicle to champion the stripping the right to choose from women in the cause to 'save lives'. 50 million or so people in the US have no healthcare, many of them children.

            I might also add here that there are a number

            • To give some benefit of the doubt, I think that many people do honestly and sincerely believe that abortion is murder, and I think that's a perfectly justified reason for opposing it.

              However, I _don't_ believe that many politicians who take this stance do so out of principle (well, I don't believe most politicians have any principles at all).

              And just as importantly, if you really honestly believe that human life is sacred then I can't help but wonder if pushing for things like a Republican Senate will help, _overall_. Will it reduce the total number of needless (anything not of old age/personal stupidity) deaths? I don't think so, not with the powers that be (Democrats too) pushing for war against Iraq (death in Iraq), which will undoubtedly increase terrorism here (death in the US) according to the _CIA_, of all people!

              Now take that example and extrapolate hundreds of times over to all the other ways that our government kills people around the world, and you've got a very large number of _preventable_ deaths that will occur because you're too damned wrapped up in a single issue (abortion) to pay attention to global politics.

              So jdavidb, wake up and smell the global political reality, educate yourself (like, try reading a newspaper from outside the US), and do a little math. Then tell me what you think is the best way to save as many human lives as possible.