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  • I'm surprised whenever someone hands their computer over to repair drones without wiping the disk. There's information on my disk I don't want anyone else to have. Like, say, my keychain. I'd not be surprised to find fragments of passwords and passphrases in the swap file. I don't particularly want anyone else to be able to see my browser history or to have a copy of my cookie.

    But regardless of that, if you don't have backups which you know are good (because you test them regularly) you g

    • There's nothing on my machine that I really mind Apple having. All the personal stuff's in my home directory and that has hard encryption on the whole thing - without my password you can't access any of it. Yes, I know in theory apple could install a keyboard sniffer or some funky routine in the root partition, and screw me as soon as I log in for the first time when I get the machine back, but I'm not that paranoid - they make the O.S. anyway, so I figure you gotta trust them somewhat. I don't think any
  • I don't really understand them either. My experience with Apple Care has usually been good. My iPod has died a few times, and every time they just replace it. This is fine, because it's just music that's also on my server.

    My sister's hdd has died twice. The first time, they forced her to /buy/ DiskWarrior. It didn't work, they wouldn't give her a refund, and then they replaced her hard drive. The second time, they said, "Back up, because we're replacing your hard drive." -- "How can I back up if the
  • FWIW, I've been using this enclosure [] (or an earlier version of it without the silly lighting), a commodity 60G drive (Seagate, I think) and Firewire connected to a Powerbook for a year or so with no problems. I don't know if there's a size limit to what the chipset will handle though.
  • you only make once. Enjoy it Schwern. :)
  • You've got a Mac. You've got firewire. Save a few bucks and forget the triple interface. Just get a firewire drive.

    I'm happy with my LaCie Pocket drive, which is about 2 years old now. But I would get something 2x-4x larger than my disk for an external drive like this. That way, you can have a backup of your crud (stuff on your laptop you really don't need to keep, but don't want to delete), regular backups, plus room to do a disk image of your boot drive before you wipe it^W^Wsend it in to AppleCare

  • If you want to be able to buy IDE drives to use as "heavyweight disks", for backup or whatever, take a look at []

    and other similar products. The $100 device doesn't exactly 'enclose' anything, but it does let you buy IDE drives for backups and not have to have an enclosure for each drive.

  • I have been using Gmail as a spam filter in the last couple of weeks and it works very well. I forward everything to my gmail account and then fetchmail via their pop3 service.

    Most of my spam gets caught in their server.

    As an added benefit now I can read my e-mails in places without ssh enabled.