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  • This is stunning. A web site read by geeks and not one comment on this entry. Shame! Shame!

    I'm happy that ST is off the air. I'm a big fan and I tired of watching the butchery to a once-beloved show. So, let's let the Federation ferment for a couple of years. New myths for a new year! Mama needs her stories!

    Oh, I nearly forgot: there is only one Captain of the Enterprise and his middle name is Tiberius. ;-)

    • I liked TNG. Good stuff, picked up where Kirk left off very well.

      I love DS9. Sisko is The Sisko. A nice divergence from regular ST fare. I got the seven seasons on DVD.

      Voyager was, to me, eh, but a lot of people I know liked it a lot. I watched much of it, so I couldn't have hated it.

      Enterprise was teh suck.

      I don't think this will be the last ST series. But I hope it is the last one for awhile.
      • What I hope is that someone will come out with a new series. Completely new universe, completely new characters. Stargate Atlantis is interesting, but still based on an old familiar fictional universe. We need a new Babylon 5, Firefly, or Farscape. We lost Andromeda and Enterprise this year, and there just isn't much left to get me to bother watching TV.
        • I never liked Andromeda or Firefly. Andromeda was just cheesy and Firefly ... I never did appreciate the Buffy-style humor in Whedon's work. The others I liked quite a bit. At least Atlantis kept things interesting by doing the Voyager thing and going to a new location with new villains (although I don't really *like* that galaxy or those villains ... but at least they tried).

          Battlestar Galactica is not new, but it is a compeltely new vision of something old, and is the best new scifi series since Farsc
    • ...there is only one Captain of the Enterprise and his middle name is Tiberius. ;-)

      Objectively, I know that each Star Trek but the first is a pale comparison to the original. And the first is just an oddball knock-off of Wagon Train []. I remember laughing at how cheesy the original series was. And yet, I faithfully watched it (weekdays at 5pm, IIRC). There's some kind of lesson there about "objectivity". :)