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  • I second the recommendation for Effective Perl [].

    For the Other Books section, good, you have Damian's PBP [] @ORA []of course. You should add Friedl's Mastering Regular Expressions [] @ORA []; is a 3rd edition planned or needed of that?

    Draft Proposal comments:

    • Perl Context: [] has more varieties of context than the outline.
    • 4 programming models - isn't OO in the list? That would be 5. Surely the OO in Alpaca/Intermediate hasn't finished the discussion of OO. Mastering should discuss the grand matters of taste, of designing an object framework for use by other Perl programmers, and picking which Class::* to base it upon and why.
    • Is there really anything more to say on Adavanced RegExps after Friedl and Conway? I guess Perrin's comment about negative lookbehind is a good one, it's covered lightly in Friedl, but proper use isn't there.

    More Mastery: For specific additional contents, unless you want to have a 4th book after Mastering, the things that I don't remember being adequately covered elsehwhere, or have on my personal growth list ...

    • Perl threading models -- when to use which, or not. Dangers and fixes. Windows "threading".
    • Using Inline::C to wrap C APIs (including Unix/Linux .so's and Windows .dll's) -- is this fully covered in Simon's Advanced book? where is my copy!
    • Building Perl from sources and distributing Perl bin+lib trees an IT shop.
    • Patching the Perl sources.
    • Building Infrastructure -- case studies of architecture with Perl: Catalyst, PDL, POE, Stem, CGI::Prototype/Application/..., SpamAssasin, debconf
    • Little Languages in Perl - A synthesis of the tools to recapture the elegance of A.W.K. book's [] capstone chapter 6. (AW

    Educated_foo's comment about Perl's ancestry being recaptiulated is a good one -- to really master Perl-fu, one must grok the inner awk-ness, and why sed+awk+sh+csh+fgrep+egrep was a mess. Understanding what portions of man(1) and man(3) are embedded in Perl helps too. For that matter, to grok Unix in fullness, one needed to understand the difference between the papertape-as-universal-io of Unix and the punched-card-as-universal-io of the Mainframe and friends. (That the history of Open Source didn't start with Java, didn't even start with Emacs, but was inherited from early academic and IT mainframes and was resurrected by Emacs may not help; why bnews and rn mattered once may not matter either.)

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