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  • Speaking as the author...

    First, Sepia could be used as the basis for a decent REPL, but it has been developed as part of the Emacs integration.

            rlwrap perl -Mblib -MSepia -e Sepia::repl

    works fairly well, but misses out on completion. I should really write a "repl" script that ties into readline at some point, but since I always have Emacs running, and don't really care for a language REPL outside an editor (you use vi?), I have little incentive to do so.

    Second, you seem to have

    • My problems with the Makefile.PL were only because at that point I still didn't know that Sepia was an Emacs thing, and thought it was a simple REPL-like shell.

      Now that I know, I'm completely fine with it.

      That said, if the optional deps pass tests, it might be a good idea to just make them mandatory.

      • I think the deps pass tests, but PadWalker, Lexical::Persistence, and Devel::Size are all seemingly fragile XS modules (I have an open heisenbug against Devel::Size, for example). Mainly, though, I don't like forcing people to clutter their systems with modules they don't use, so I try to minimize required dependencies.

  • Looks like you didn't try Shell::Base [], which I wrote a few years ago for exactly the same purpose, and it's based on Python's Cmd class. Despite its low version number and large amount of "failing" tests (which are /all/ because of Term::ReadLine and Term::Size problems) it's mostly complete and usable. By default, it's a little Unix-specific, though there's nothing inherently Unix-specific in it. The readline dependency can be removed easily, and in fact the docs give an example of how to do it.
    • I didn't find Shell::Base in my searching.

      It doesn't install on Windows, due to Term::Size failing.

  • I probably overreacted. :)

    To further explain my rating, I was completely put off by (only) this section of your documentation:

    Thanks to Ingy for suggesting that this module should exist.

    It originally seemed to fly in the face of all the hard work people have done to make usable and featureful Perl shells. I interpreted this line as "How come nobody's written a shell that evaluates Perl before?" which would of course be ludicrous. If you had included reasons why other REPL modules didn't work for you, I woul

  • On an almost but not quite completely unrelated note, Coro does at least work under cygwin. I tried it under strawberry last night and it didn't work out so well though. I'll let you know if I can get it to work.

    'Cause I want Continuity on a perl on a perl on a stick stick! And who wouldn't? :)