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  • I wrote that code years ago when I didn't know how to program, but have lost the time and motivation to keep it up

    Well, that didn't come as an earth-shattering revelation to me, since I had heard this as a rumour in several places where MSA was discussed. Still interesting to hear it straight from the author's mouth, though (well, nearly straight -- davorg could be lying through his teeth for all the proof I have).

    And as was said on the mailing list -- perhaps he'd be open for volunteers t


    Esli epei eto cumprenan, shris soa Sfaha.
    Aettot ibrec epesecoth, spakhea scrifeteis.

  • His website [] confesses
    "I always have lots of stuff in the works, but most of it only gets about halfway finished before I get bored and give up. That's the way I work. :)"

    Good attitude in a software distriburtor.

    • Well that line could pretty much describe about 60% of CPAN and a very large portion of open source projects in all languages. Just because you write something that becomes popular doesn't obligate you to finish it or even refine it.

      • Only 60% in programming circles? That's pretty good compared to other disciplines. (Corporations are the suburban pre-adolescents of the business world.)
  • .5em??? Are you trying to keep people from reading it?
    • What browser are you using? Of the ones I've tried, Mozilla and Galeon both work fine. Opera 6 has a little trouble with the overview page and Netscape 4 is a disaster :( IE 5.5 works about as well as Opera.I guess CSS doesn't degrade as well as I thought it did!/p.

      • I'm using IE 5.5. The text displays, but it's in virtually unreadable type, because that's what you asked for: .5em means half the size of normal-size type, but you're using it for the ordinary text on your pages.
        • I see what you're saying. There seems to be a difference of opinion between Mozilla and Galeon on one hand and IE and Opera on the other as to how to deal with this.

          As I understand it (and Mozilla/Galeon seems to agree) because I have the body font size set to 3em, all other sizes are relative to that baseline. Therefore .5em should be half of 3em or 1.5 times the size of normal type. Opera and IE disagree and use it as a absolute size.

          I'm no CSS expert, so I don't know which of these interpretations is

          • In a quick examination, I didn't find a clear explanation in the CSS spec, but my (possibly flawed) understanding is that em doesn't accumulate that way. That's what percentages are for. So if you change .5em to 50% it should work the way you want.
  • Following on from your back to books entry, as well as this entry, a CGI/Security book would be very good idea. I have been reading the Web Security & Commerce book by O'Reilly, and while it has many good examples and stories, it doesn't cover Perl in any great depth. Seeing as Perl is considered the "duct tape of the web", a comprehensive book on the CGI & Security aspect of Perl would be very welcome.

    Hopefully it will have just the right impact on the booksellers for the new Perl programmers to