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  • I didn't really want to respond to this. But I can't stand to see these assertions sit unchallenged.

    First, s/isreal/israel/ig;. Please. It's a pet peeve of mine too.

    If our governments really wanted peace in the middle east and to remove the causes of terrorism we would be going to war with isreal instead of iraq.

    A statement like this shows you have absolutely no understanding of the last hundred years of history in the Middle East region. The problem isn't presence of a few Jews in the third hol

    • Yes there will always be some extremists but by removing the fuel from terrorism (which is oppression, poverty and desperation) it will be reduced to a more managable level and policable locally instead of with heavy handing rocket and missile attacks.

      There are plenty of extremists and terrorists around the world that are not linked to the middle east - the ETA of basque, the Loyalist and Republican Terror Groups in Ireland, Nazi's and Fascists in the US, UK and Europe as well as the terror groups involve


      @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
      print reverse @JAPH;
      • My Point in case it wasn't immediately obvious is that there is less of a reason to bomb iraq than israel.

        Your point is neither obvious, nor clear, nor well thought out. It is certainly not justified nor is it well argued.

        The basis for bombing Isreal *before* Iraq is that it would bring peace sooner if that was what the UN really wanted.

        You provide no justification for this stance. You also fail to prove that bombing Israel would do anything to further the cause of world peace. If anything, it

        • Isreal has breached UN resolutions, deliberately killed and starved palestinians and hundreds of thousands of refugees in 30 years of ethnic cleansing. This is the same justification that NATO used to bomb Kosovo.

          The point is obvious - Iraq is just another dictatorship along with N Korea, Burma, China, etc. Isreal is a real danger to peace in the middle east and world wide.

          If we are going to bomb a country for being a despotic regime we should bomb china, Zimbabwe, Burma and many other equally appalling regimes -- but this isn't about the regime.

          If we were going to bomb a country because it has breached UN resolutions then we should bomb israel, china, north korea, pakistan, burma, etc.

          If we were going to bomb a country because it is a danger to world peace we would bomb isreal, america and most of africa.

          It is common sense that if you remove a violent bully from a playground then you won't have any trouble. israel is a violent bully that fears no reprisals or accountability as it ignores UN resolutions, breaks international law, assinates suspected terrorists or those suspected of cooperating with them, kills and starves civilians and takes land from its neighbours by force.

          Iraq occupied for Kuwait for a matter of days, Isreal has occupied parts of isreal, jordan, syria, palestine and the lebbanon for decades at a time without reprisal.

          If we can allow Iraq to have sufficent weapons to defend itself (as any sovereign nation deserves), then we can apply the same to Isreal. We can take away isreals weapons of mass destruction and enforce no fly zones - these would save many innocent arab lives without putting oh-so-precious-jewish-lives-that-are-worth-a-hundred-arab-children at risk.

          As for terrorists having civil rights - I think every law supports that suspects suspected of something are innocent until proven guilty. Thats what suspected means - not guilty.

          Israel is a pariah state that is looked upon as racist, bullying and unjust by the world apart from the united states - with good reason, it is worse than south africa ever was. Quite why americans have such a strong affection for a country that demands millions in aid while it drives its neighbours to starvation is beyond me.


          @JAPH = qw(Hacker Perl Another Just);
          print reverse @JAPH;