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  • The thing that really came across to me from last nights talk was the fact that Perl6 is so much simpler than perl 5. It's got the rough corners smoothed off, so you can have the overall thing be more streamlined.

    And I love properties on my variables. I'm going to have to start looking at Attribute::Handlers...

    I don't care about the sigils though. They've always confused me so much in perl5 that I've never, ever been tempted to use a hash slice. :(


  • Damian gave a talk at YAPC::NA about "Perl 6 is still Perl." I read his TPJ article on the same subject before hearing the talk. After reading the article, I sorta felt Perl 6 might not be so bad. Then I heard the talk, and I was scared again. Me no like.
    • Yeah, but this is your standard reaction to everything, Pudge. OS X? Scary! Perl 6? Scary! You're just not a major rewrite kinda guy, and that's okay. You'll wait until Perl 6.1, before getting your toes wet.


      • Maybe. In fairness, though, I am not against major rewrites. I was for the idea of Mac OS X, just not how it initially turned out. I wanted Mac OS on top of Uniux, and I got NeXT on top of Unix. Now it is becoming more and more like old Mac OS, so I am happier. I am not for much of what is in Perl 6 from the beginning, so it's less likely I'll bother in the future.
  • I saw Damian speak here in Portland, OR, and that was what finally convinced me that the new sigils are the way to go. I'm teaching Perl to a friend of mine right now and he's terribly confused about the difference between these two:

    $foo = {};
    %foo = ();

    Mind you, I was trying to steer him away from references while he was first learning, but he's pretty ambituous and is really digging in. He thinks he's getting the hang of it, but I suspect that his mind is really going to get blown when he sees a

    • I've never been keen on a hashref slice:
      @{$hr}{qw/bar baz/};
    • I hate the new sigil system.

      What I like about perl5's way of doing it is that the sigil is not part of the variable name, it's an indicator of the type of the expression. $h{x} is a scalar expression. In perl6, the sigil is simply part of the variable name, which means it really adds nothing -- zilch! -- for either the human or the compiler, other than to say (e.g.) "this is a hash variable". I'm sorry, but the compiler and I can both tell that $h{x} is referring to a hash variable.

      The whole sigil thin
  • I have just come back from YAPC::Europe where I attended Damian's talk on Perl 6. Now I know why the Perl community loves Damian so much: he is probably the best speaker I have ever seen. I was interested in Perl 6 before the talk, but I'm now totally interested in it. It just looks so good: declarative classes, properties, improved regex, the list goes on for ages. I suspect that Perl 6 will be the most powerful programming language ever.

    Of course, some changes are annoying. I'm not fully convinced about