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Perl 6 Design Minutes for 06 August 2008

Journal written by chromatic (983) and posted by brian_d_foy on 2008.09.12 14:13   Printer-friendly
The Perl 6 design team met by phone on 06 August 2008. Larry, Jerry, Nicholas, Jesse, and chromatic attended.


  • started the release management expectation for post 1.0
  • want to get that nailed down before the end of the year
  • applying patches, fixing bugs
  • more small projects, the better
  • helped Allison get the concurrency branch merged, looks fairly good


  • agree with that timeline for getting documents sane on the release process
  • lots of traveling for several Parrot and Rakudo hackers
  • work has slowed down because of that
  • the concurrency branch merge was pretty smooth
  • able to dedicate more time to Parrot and Rakudo lately
  • reviewing Kevin Tew's GSoC project as it nears completion
  • running into a miniparrot build problem
  • trying to help him debug that
  • taken over mentoring for Adrian while Moritz is on vacation
  • he's been pretty quiet this week


  • the standard grammar parses 99+% of t/
  • four of the six failing tests are the fact that it does not install new grammar rules for user-defined operators
  • one of the tests fails because the author of the test thought that Perl 6 as should read your mind as to where to apply adverbs
  • straightening out some of the parsing snafus
  • we need to be able to distinguish between types and variables all over the place
  • now :: really isn't a sigil
  • it gets in the way all over again
  • special symbols like ::?CLASS are specially parsed at this point
  • responding to questions on p6l about exception handling with defined-or and MMD semantics
  • mostly just hacking on the standard grammar and the tests
  • always have to decide whether the test or the grammar is wrong, when they conflict
  • thankfully it's often the tests
  • going to Copenhagen next week


  • part of the problem of Perl 5 and the CPAN gets solved with Perl 6
  • which allows different versions of modules by different authors


  • had several chats with Audrey, who's hacking on Perl 6 again
  • she's taking Pugs apart into separate useful packages of Haskell code for Hackage
  • it's a Voltron-style development method for Pugs
  • the current version passes about the same number of tests as the version of two years ago
  • it now passes them in 15 minutes, instead of two hours
  • a dramatic performance improvement already


  • why?


  • some internals changes
  • she's documented some of them
  • she's waiting for the 6.10 version of GHC, which adds built-in DSL support
  • it'll be a lot easier to port the standard grammar for running in Pugs atop GHC
  • it's easier to drop pure Perl 6 implementations of Perl 6 on top of Pugs and get them to work then
  • now a lot of cleanup and stabilization is going on
  • she wants a lot of people hacking on Rakudo,, and the tests
  • also Haskell hackers
  • Flavio's back to hacking, but we haven't caught up
  • there's a lot more activity now than three weeks ago
  • I'm presuming there's no call next week, with so many people at YAPC::EU


  • applied a patch to get parallel tests working in the Perl 5 core
  • running full tests in parallel is only slightly faster than serial


  • use -j 9 on a dual-core machine with the new Test::Harness
  • --fork also works well
  • --save and --slow front-loads the slowest tests, which causes things to run faster


  • Andy Armstrong says this is moderately brittle
  • I think he pays more attention to issues from p5p at the moment than Parrot
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