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New mailing list:
posted by ziggy on 2003.01.13 8:55   
Module News
autrijus writes "With the help of Ask ('s mail admin) we have created a new mailing list, It is a discussion list for (including App::Packer , Apache::PAR ) users and developers, as well as for perl packaging and deployment in general.

If you are interested in sharing ideas, experiences and answering questions about using PAR to package perl applications, be sure to send mail to List archives will be at"


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Confusion possible with SAP Portal Archives? (Score:1)
by XTaran (1935) <use dot perl at deuxchevaux dot org> on 2003.01.15 9:22 (#16026)
( )

Just wonder, if anyone noticed that calling the format PAR and using ".par" also as suffix may confuse people (at least it confused me) because of SAP's (proprietary) Portal Archives (a variant of JAR, Java Archives) call themself also PAR.

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  • Re:Confusion possible with SAP Portal Archives? by c0bra (Score:1) 2003.01.15 13:32
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