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posted by pudge on 2001.10.16 23:43   Printer-friendly
I've been thinking a bit about ways to improve this site, and I'd like your input (and quite possibly your time and effort). For example: more original content (those articles of yours that is rejecting ;-), more stories about module releases, and maybe even a Newbie Questions section. I dunno ... I am open to all suggestions, so let me know here.
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  • Hey, why not try out the mechanim that
    uses to promote articles based on user votes?

    He, I didn't think it was easy :-)
    I can't believe it's anything but Perl!
    • I don't understand what you're talking about ... could you explain it?
        • Ah. I don't think that would be too useful at this point; we do not get very many submissions as it is, and the only things we don't post are things I really want not posted (like CGI questions, repeated stories, etc.).

          But this brings up something YOU all can do to make use Perl better: submit stories! We don't get enough.
            • I don't consider use Perl and PerlMonks competing sites. use Perl is devoted primarily to Perl news and issues, while PerlMonks seems devoted to code issues. I suppose there's something to be said that the communities themselves overlaps ... but I never gave much thought to the overlap, and am not sure I should.

              But the issue isn't really getting more readers, it is making the site cater as well as possible to its readers. There are plenty of regular readers who know of important perl news who simply do
  • Well, over a year ago I did try to get some people interested in doing how-tos and genre bits on things like 'Apache::*, has your head spun off your neck yet?' but noone seemed enthused enough to try it for the now dead idea of ''...which is why I moved CPAN newsy stuff over here. Maybe some firsthand accounts of modules and the people who love them would be interesting. :)

  • Adding more adult content to this site will really help drive eyeballs here. You could then relaunch the site as "" and charge for content like those bastards at

    I think the journals have been a really great feature to In fact, I read them a lot. Do people really want yet another tech article site? Do they want to see interviews? Comedy? I like the site the way it is, but then I don't have a day job.

  • That's all I would do to "change" the site/
    I want more!

    I read some of the articles those that interest me), so if there are more articles it stands to chance that there'll be more I read.

    I checkout a lot of the new modules;
    I suppose you have no control over
    how much new material people write;
    but it might be interesting to say
    have a daily link to some random
    pre-existing module (ignoring multiple
    versions and splicing out
    those that are in CPAN Uploads)

    Humor and some kind of comic could
    be interest
    Were that I say, pancakes?
    • More humor and more modules... why not stories about the funny module of the day ? There are plenty of them on CPAN, sometimes doing something funny with the language, sometimes just plain funny (the Acme:: [] hierarchy, some of Schwern []'s modules).
    • I second the "random module of the day" idea. It's small, but still a good idea. I'm always looking for increased knowledge of CPAN, shorting of going through and memorizing the whole thing. :) It's good to know what's out there.

      What if, every seven days, someone wrote a short intro to the most interesting random module of the day to come up in the past week?

      J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
      • That would work too. I was just thinking of something that would:
        a) be less discriminating (you never know what gems someone else might look over)
        b) could be fully automated (just periodically fetch the module list from CPAN, remove different versions of the same module, and display the dox of a random selection from the set)
        Were that I say, pancakes?
        • Well, I have named hfb the Module/CPAN correspondent ... so hopefully she can do some cool stuff in that oft-neglected area of the site.
  • and fix mail so it doesn't send quoted printable

    who stops to think and translate the =3D
    in a URL during a cut and paste?
    Were that I say, pancakes?
  • In no particular order:
    OS interfaces (MacOS for me)
    Updates on other languages
    Journals, journals, journals
    News on real-world perl solutions
    ...basically, just more

    The call is from heroism... will you accept the charges? H. Simpson
  • If you can figure out how to make us post more comments, you'll have it made! That's when Slash works best.

    Unfortunately, there's just too many places where Perl programmers go to talk: p5p, usenet, irc, perlmonks. You have to convince people to come here first. And that's not only a difficult proposition, it's probably not politically correct.

    J. David works really hard, has a passion for writing good software, and knows many of the world's best Perl programmers
    • I am not sure if it matters if users talk much here. Sometimes, a site is just informational, and that is fine, if people are getting things out of it. More discussion is welcome, of course.
  • Everyone knows that there is more than one way to do it, and we all would Love to post that "really cool(tm)" script/module we've been thinking about but don't have time to write.

    But just possibly we do have time to post that bit of code we have to parse the good stuff out of a tcpdump trace, or what is obviously the definitive regex for an ip address.

    Or we could do ourselves and the community a public service and rewrite all of Matt Wright's old scripts. Google shows over 10k refs for, 2.
  • You could try to get some of the module authors to write about their modules. You could also point to projects on Source Forge that are in Perl or are Perl tools.
  • What about the typical Interview. You know the drill: 1) someone finds a dude willing to participate and posts a story. 2) the readers post and mod questions. 3) 2nd story with the responses. The only problem I see is that I am a nobody, and couldn't ever get a hold of a good person to interview.
    • Anyone who wants to write interviews or write about their modules are welcome to approach me. In case you hadn't noticed, my theme here seems to be "what you can do to help me, and how I can facilitate you helping me help you help others." Or something.

      So anyone who wants to write, please contact me ...

      And don't think you are a nobody. Nobody is a nobody, and the less you think of yourself as a nobody, the more you actually are a nobody. Or something. I certainly don't care who is or isn't a nobod
  • At this point there are discussions on the home page that can't be posted to.

    The call is from heroism... will you accept the charges? H. Simpson