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ActivePerl Launched on Mac OS X

posted by pudge on 2005.06.07 13:10   Printer-friendly
ActiveState writes "ActiveState today announced the release of ActiveState's ActivePerl, ActivePython & ActiveTcl distributions for Mac OS X version 10.4 'Tiger.' ActiveState's freely available language distributions enable Mac programmers to keep their Perl, Python & Tcl packages seamlessly up-to-date. ActivePerl contains core Perl, the Perl Package Manager (PPM) for installing CPAN packages, popular modules, and complete online help."
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  • I thought PPM only worked on ActiveState style repositories and not CPAN? Can you install CPAN modules with it?
    • I think just must be a typo. PPM does only work with ActiveState repositories as far as I know, although ActiveState do try to build as many modules off CPAN as possible (through an automated build process).

      Frustratingly, I don't think they can build modules that use Module::Build which means that it's very difficult for Windows users to get DateTime [] installed.

      • I've found the best way to find ppds is to Google for package name ppd, as in []. That's what led me to this one [].

        • Right but those are Win32 PPMs and as far as I know you can't use those on OSX. I use Template-Toolkit and it is not in the ActiveState repository so I can't use PPM to get it.
          • No, you definitely can't use them on OSX. When I saw your comment

            ... it's very difficult for Windows users to get DateTime installed... (emphasis mine)
            I forgot the context of the thread....

            At this point, Google doesn't seem to know any OSX PPM repositories (it finds PPD files for printers....)

            • Well, first of all, there is at least one big PPM repository for OS X at activestate. It's configured by default when you install ActivePerl on OS X. As for Template-Toolkit, it was indeed unavailable on all platforms, but it's now available in the ActiveState PPM repository for the following platforms: darwin-5.8 hpux-ia64-5.8 hpux-ia64-lp64-5.6 hpux-ia64-lp64-5.8 hpux-pa-risc-5.6 hpux-pa-risc-5.8 hpux-pa-risc-lp64-5.8 linux-5.6 linux-5.8 solaris-5.6 solaris-5.8 Enjoy!
              There's more than 9 ways to do it
              • I know. I bugged them about getting TT in there. It was only failing one of their tests. But in my opinion it is one very using templating system and it should be in there. And now it is. : )
                • Who did you bug to get it in there? I'd like to get one of my modules included, but I couldn't find a contact point...


                  • The contact point is: [mailto]
                    There's more than 9 ways to do it
                    • That is a mailing list for PPM discussion. You can only post to it when you are a member.

                      There is a pure inbound channel as well under ppm-request at that was supposed to be used for, well, ppm module requests.
                  • I sent mine to support about another issue and raised the TT issue and the next day they had it in there.
      • PPM will work with any repositories you add, and you can also add or build your own ppms.

        There are some very useful win32 ppm repositorys run by people like dave roth, I imagine there will be some os x repo's coming soon as well.

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