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Italian Perl Workshop 2009 guests

Journal written by bepi (5299) and posted by davorg on 2009.07.07 4:15   Printer-friendly
The preparations for this year's Italian Perl workshop are hotting up, and thanks to the sponsors, we have invited some great guest speakers for the international tracks (in English):
  • Tim Bunce, Perl DBI interface author. Tim made not only DBI, but also other important CPAN modules (DBD::Oracle, Devel::NYTProf, responsible for the Perl 5.4.x series), he wrote book published by O'Reilly Media, and he has delivered tutorials and sessions for many years at OSCON and other conferences and workshops.
  • Jonathan Worthington, one of the core developers of the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler and the Parrot Virtual Machine.
  • Thomas Fuchs, a Javascript guru, is the author of the user interface JavaScript library, a member of the Prototype core team and a Ruby on Rails core alumnus.
  • Amy Hoy, is a user interaction and product design expert and regular speaker at OSCON and other workshop and conferences.
Also we have the opportunity of getting Dave Rolsky (autarch), well known in the Perl community for his innumerable CPAN contributions: Moose, HTML::Mason, and DateTime to name a few.

As Dave lives in the United States, covering his travel costs is expensive...
However, Dave has also suggested that he would be available to give a World Class day's training on Moose. This mini-course would of course be a paid event, and would be expressly for the purpose of covering Dave's flight to Europe and hotel expenses.

All the details are in the announcement. If you're interested, please email

The IPW 2009 edition will be a great edition, so don't miss it!

For more information see workshop website.

See you

- Enrico
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  • You mean the preparations “are heating up”. “Hotting up” is not a word. :-) (Sorry, I just can’t bear to look at that.)

    • "Hotting up" isn't a word... it's two words ;-)

      The first 3 google hits for the phrase come from the Economist, St John's Ambulance, and the BBC.

      The phrase has a rather different meaning (increasing in intensity) from "heating up" (making warmer). Sure it's informal. You may not like it, but I'm not sure that pretending it doesn't exist is very sensible.

      osf (slightly defensive, as he recommended bepi to use it ;-)



      • Oh. 0x0809 [English (UK)] as opposed to 0x0409 [English (US)].

        I was a little puzzled at first look, myself.

        (The hex numbers are the Win32 language codes. The higher 6 bits select dialects, lower 10 bits are the languages)

        The new Strawberry Perl for Windows has been released! Check for it.
  • Amy Hoy is speaking at a Perl workshop? I didn't know she did Perl.
    • Thomas Fuchs is a Ruby/Javascript guy and Amy Hoy user experience specialist: as far as I know, neither of them "do Perl".

      I'm expecting this will be A Good Thing, as it broadens the appeal of the workshop, while bringing a new perspective.



      • One of the workshops I enjoyed most from a talks perspective was the last Nordic Perl Workshop in Stockholm, where alongside the usual "Perl talks" there were speakers from the academic world who were doing research on dynamic languages, as well as a presentation on the Seaside Smalltalk web framework. So I'm very much looking forward to seeing how this works out at the IPW. :-)