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Show your support for Perl on Google App Engine

posted by brian_d_foy on 2008.04.09 20:49   Printer-friendly
Accidental Angel writes "Google recently launched a preview release of App Engine, an environment for building web applications using Google's infrastructure. Currently Python is the only server-side language supported, though they have stated that they look forward to supporting more languages. To that end, I've added an issue requesting Perl support to the GAE issue tracker. To vote for this support, click the 'star' icon on the issue tracker web page."
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  • It's not a popularity contest. Only do this once you've downloaded the SDK [], run through the tutorial [] and then think that it would be nicer to do it in Perl. Note that it'd probably be Perl without any modules that use XS...
    • Well, it's not about making Perl more popular, it's about using the language and modules you already known or care to learn more about.

      I am sure Python is good enough, for GAE, Google engineers, I am sure, are smart and made a good choice.

      But I would still rather use the language where I made the most investement.
    • Actually, it sort of is a popularity contest. See this post [] on the App Engine group, where a Google rep asks people to star the appropriate issue in their tracker rather that post in the group. I would not have added the issue nor asked people here to star it if Google hadn't said that was the appropriate means of feedback.
    • Please enter your feedback on the next language/framework to implement on our issue tracker. If there's already one for the language you want, star it, don't duplicate it.
      And lo, we star it. Perl advocacy and all that. The popular implementation requests stand a better chance of, well, implementation I would think.
  • Is up to the task? Google will need something like that to accomplish something similar to the restrictions they've put on Python code. How many CPAN modules will work in a tightly locked-down Safe compartment?


  • Groovy/java #1 at 900+, Ruby at 750, PHP 'a must' at 600ish and 4th Perl at 550 as of 4/12 ..
  • Got a msg from google: Comment #419: Star this issue if you're interested in showing your support and tracking it. Don't post "+1" comments: They make for a ton of spam, and will be immediately deleted. I've gone through and deleted all existing "+1" comments, along with some of the general Perl commentary posts. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding comment deletion.
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