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Brainbench Perl 5.8 Exam Beta Available

posted by pudge on 2005.08.26 3:39   Printer-friendly
converter writes "The Brainbench Perl 5.8 Exam Beta is now available online (click the 'Get Test' button to proceed). I was a paid reviewer during the development process and submitted a number of corrections with working code samples and documentation. If you would like to add your input, please take the free beta exam and submit feedback." This was submitted a week or two ago; I don't know if it is still in beta.
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  • probabaly that's kus me with my negative attitude but let me quote their site:

    "Our Perl 5.8 test measures your knowledge of programming in Practical Extraction and Reporting Language."
  • I don't know why are are supposed to test for free a commercial site...?
  • It's a two-part test and your given lots of time to provide feedback as to the difficulty of each question (too hard/easy), multiple answers, grammar, etc. The tester does not get any credit for the beta test. I have a subscription to BrainBench so I have a little to gain from providing feedback. :) The questions were pretty good with a minimal amount of errors.
  • As I discussed in my Perl Journal article entitled "Is it Time for Perl Certification?" [], knowledge certification is a tricky business, and knowledge certification tests having the power to affect people's careers should ideally follow proper psychometric procedures, so at least we know that they measure what they purport to measure--rather than merely measuring skill at taking multiple choice tests, for example.

    Another concern is that a single test should not try to test more than is feasible, or necess


    Dr. Tim Maher
    CEO, Consultix
    Perl and UNIX Training []
  • I took their Perl test some time (years) ago as a hoot. When I suddenly became a "certified Perl programmer" I thought.. "Now what?". Do I ask for a raise? Do I now look for a new job as Director Of Perl?

    I've never been asked if I was a "certified" Perl programmer while job hunting. I've never been asked to take a BrainBench test, or if I had taken it. I have also never asked an interviewee if they have taken this test. I have, however, used a print out of The Seven Stages of a Perl Programmer [] (tchrist, cri
    • We've already had some discussion of whether Larry would have to endorse a certification suite to make it work; see this page []; patches welcome!

      Dr. Tim Maher
      CEO, Consultix
      Perl and UNIX Training []
      • That's not really a discussion, that's you writing something :-) Larry doesn't _need_ to endorse it, but someone does, in my opinion. If there isn't an endorsing body, then anyone can make a "certification" test and nobody will know what the validity of those tests are.

        What would stop me from making the "Meltzer Super Duper Perl Certification Exam", charging people $20 to take it, giving them a certificate with a gold star and my signature? Nothing. And, what would make that exam less valid than BrainBench
        • "The proof of the pudding is in the tasting."

          If your test really helped hiring managers separate the JAPHly wheat from the chaff, word would get around, and your test would acquire a favorable reputation, and possibly become a de facto standard. Which is as it should be; the users of a certification service should determine the success or failure of a certification suite.

          Consider the chain called "Seattle's Best Frozen Yogurt" -- their name sounds very impressive, but I'll take Ben & Jerry's produ


          Dr. Tim Maher
          CEO, Consultix
          Perl and UNIX Training []
          • Let me say I haven't read through your whole site. I know I did after we met when I hosted YAPC. I'll need to see if my ideas mesh with yours.. feel free to point me to places in your wiki where I may need to read.

            First real question is if certs are needed at all. Who asks for a Perl certification out of a perspective employee? I'm also not really sure what a cert would do. I may have missed it, but what I really see from your effort is similar to BrainBench. You take a test, you pass, you get a certifica

  • The last time brainbench made it round the perl community, a bunch of'ers took the test.

    We all spent a couple of years trying to get off brainbench's mailing-lists. I hope their spamming ways have improved since then, but no way am I giving them an actual email-address again.