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Beta Perl Test available

posted by pudge on 2000.05.16 20:34   Printer-friendly
jon peterson writes: I have created a very modest online Perl test at my site. It is very much in beta, but then so is this site, so it seemed appropriate.

This is not (yet...) a test in certification terms, more a fun quiz, but if you have an interest in Perl Tests you might like to have a look, add a couple of questions, and send me any feedback, bug reports, moans and groans you have.

If you aware of any similar online Perl tests, do let me know.

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  • Ironically, I get an `Odd number of items in hash at line something-or-other' error when I try to take the test.

  • That's because you broke it.
  • That's because you aren't cookie friendly.

    If you tell me your browser/os combo + any cookie affecting software you may have, that will help me.

    It does seem that a large number of people are very anti cookie, which we won't go into here. This is a shame, but it may be that my use of cookies is in some way bad.

    Meanwhile, feel free to use a cookie-friendly browser to use the site :-)

    And yes, I will catch that error and make it say something more useful than waffle about hashes :-)
  • I didn't think my ad blocking proxy was diddling with cookies, but when I set `direct connection' (NS 4.72, accept cookies from same site only) it worked fine (and I got an 80% on difficulty 4 :/). At any rate, I'm going through squid with `ad-zap'. []

  • I have cookies working (that is how I can post on Slash!), I am not using any proxy, and I get the "cookies must be on" error. Inspecting the stream, I can see cookies are being set; why do you think they aren't?
  • Oh happy web development.

    Things worked fine in IE and in Netscape 6.0 beta (on Windows.) The KDE browser and Netscape 4.x on Linux thought otherwise.

    I maintain I was RFC compliant and they weren't, but I've changed to a subset of the RFC which we all seem to comply with currently, so I think everything is happy, and yes I should have used a cookie library, but I naively figured writing one line of text would be easy :_)

    What's a beta test for..
  • It is still not working for me. Netscape 4.72 and IE 5 and iCab PR 2, all for Mac OS. The only browser I have that works is Netscape 6 PR 1.

    And there is a question I got right that is wrong, #17:

    "Which of the following is functionally the same as: my $person = new Employee::Temp;"?

    My answer was "my $person = Employee::Temp->new()". However, the "correct" answer was given as "my $person = &Employee::Temp::new()". But the "new Class" and "Class->new" are really correct, because both call n
  • Hmmm...error (Score:1, Interesting)

    You're not cooking your CGI values as you receive them. This can be bad. For example, using a URL of:*

    Causes an SQL error to print:

    DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '* and b.question_id = a.question_id and c.category_id = a.category' at line 1 at /home/snowdrif/lib/perl/PerlTest/ line 80.
    DBD::mysql::st execute failed: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '* and b.question