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Activestate - ASPN

posted by ziggy on 2001.04.06 10:01   Printer-friendly
$code or die writes "ActiveState has launched ASPN (ActiveState [Programmers|Perl|Python] Network). Apart from the neat site design, it offers a wealth of Perl\Python resources at your fingertips. (But we knew where all this stuff was already didn't we?)

They offer ASPN Perl subscription at a reduced $395 and you get the Perl Resource Kit and access to online versions of popular O'Reilly books.

Aside from that, it appears they have also launced v1 of their Komodo IDE."

ASPN is available in three flavors: ASPN Open (free), ASPN Komodo, and ASPN Perl. Subscriptions for ASPN Perl are US$495, or US$395 before April 10.

The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way.
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  • If AS is going to repackage CPAN and sell it as their own, the very least they could do is offer a link back to CPAN where it is mentioned.
  • It looks like you can no longer use Komodo for free, as you now have to pay for "commercial licenses".
  • What is the value here? For that price I could buy hardcopies of the books, and the data itself I can get for free, right? So ... what is the value I am paying for?
  • Right on. Not to mention that Version 2.0 of the O'Reilly Perl CD Bookshelf [] is due out in May. Searching on the CD is simple and you don't have to be connected to the internet to use it (My first release bookshelf disk lives in my laptop). AND, Version 2.0 has the System Administrator's Guide and Programming Perl 3rd Edition as well as all your old favorites! $69.95 is a lot better deal than $395.
  • There have been a few comments here so I thought I would reply.
    • CPAN link: Good point -- we'll add that.
    • Komodo IDE license: Komodo is free for non-commercial (eg educational) and evaluation use. For commercial use, you'll need to buy ASPN Komodo, which is $295 ($245 for a limited time).
    • ASPN Perl: We think there's a significant amount of value here. An ASPN Perl subscriber gets:
      • The Visual Perl plugin for MS Visual Studio, which provides full Perl editing, debugging, etc for Visual Studio develope
  • In my haste I neglected to notice that we already have a CPAN link. []
  • Version 2.0 has the System Administrator's Guide and Programming Perl 3rd Edition as well as all your old favorites!

    Not quite all your old favourites, as the two versions of Learning Perl seem to have been dropped.

    Might also be worth mentioning that Safari [] will also give you online access to a number of O'Reilly books - and it is a lot cheaper than ASPN.

  • But that page has broken tables on it and shows up as a blank page in Netscape (or, at least, in Netscape 4.73 for Windows).
  • But that page has broken tables on it and shows up as a blank page in Netscape (or, at least, in Netscape 4.73 for Windows).

    That's because ActiveState sold out to Microsoft! Only IE is supported! ;-)

  • Hi, I would like to give some feedback assuming Komodo primarily targets the windows platform (apply similar arguments to other platforms):
    First of all, I don't think the editor is ready for the prime time yet. Too slow (I am on a PentiumIII 550 + 256MB mem computer). I can't really imagine a programmer using the komodo editor to create an application. The debugger can be useful though, I am only critisizing the text editor component. It is too slow, especially when you use mouse to select blocks or to mov
  • And one more thing: There is no cgi debugger or support for cgi projects yet. Since the IDE uses mozilla, I am guessing that there will be some support. Is there any plans for it?
    How about support for sql and DBI?
  • You've got to give ActiveState credit where credit is due.

    They've put together a development environment for Perl hackers, something that the community really needs. Even though many coders will still happily use Emacs or vi for their daily needs, their efforts are the kind of thing that allow shops unfamiliar with Perl to dive into the community with a strong sense of security and support and the resources to adopt Perl without incurring high transition or learning costs.

    Even though I'm a Linux user,

    -- My choice of computing platform is a symbol of my individuality and belief in personal freedom.
  • I agree with Starky, ActiveState have put a great deal into the community (I guess that they got me started with Perl way back due to the ease of installation on a Windows platform)and it's all too easy to have a shot at them when they try to get something back, or do something in a slightly different way. Combining open source and practicable business is a difficult thing to do and I guess that not too many people really understand how that model works yet.

    I guess that the costs are outside the reach of
  • Hm. I am not sure what this thread has to do with ActiveState, in general. It is about ASPN, specifically.
  • Hm, I guess I should clarify a little ... I don't think anyone needs to defend ActiveState here, as it is not under attack. ASPN is under discussion, and may need defending on a few points, but I don't think ActiveState being great, or being horrible, has any bearing on whether or not ASPN is great, or horrible. Or something in-between.